Friday, September 9, 2011

Stuff to Download: posters and...yeah

Just putting a couple of things up for your downloading pleasure. I had already put these up on my LJ, I think but I definitely had them on GOS.  Anywho here are two sets of posters by Brian Despain and Katie Cook.  I just took the textures and slapped them on the "Surfing Around the Universe" poster from TS2: University.  Enjoy!

Seven Robots by Brian Despain

Don't mind me, just some interesting posts I've seen

Tutorial for Changing Facial Expressions without stopping a sim's queue by skellington7d @ LJ
GOS Art Nouveau Theme
GOS Alternative Asia Theme (because those stuff were downloaded in the past couple months so I will no longer have them in my game :( )
"Surf's Up" Surfing Interaction and Set by maybesomthingdunno @ MTS

Wall Decals by deele4952 @ N99
TS3 to TS2 Deco Conversions by HC @ N99
Manly Enough Collection by Nabilia and Trapping @ Nabilia's LJ
Pinegultcher Windows and Doors, Maxis Matrix and Craftsman Expansion Set (Garage Door, Half Walls), Tall Cul-de-Sac Fences by tbudgett @ MTS
Pocket Door, Brick and Iron Fences, Fancy Fancy Fences by Leeseter @ MTS
Hanging Clocks by Tinkle @ BPS
Chest Freezer by Tinhouse @ BPS
One Tile Vanities by tbudgett @ MTS
Boho Chiceria Bedroom @ Fairywitch Sims
Pokemon Posters @ Keoni's Sim Stuff

Posebox Hack from Decorgal
[ On The Floor ] - Pose Box by Screaming Mustard @ MTS
Badge Scholarship by Cyjon (also requires: Smarter EP Check)
HoodChecker 1.0 by Mootilda @ MTS