Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet the Macarvich Family


Kitchka is a major love for Tessa Macaravich (nee Montoya). She loved it so much she purchased a store on Wedding Row selling nothing but deco items. And it was there that Tessa met Phoenix Macarvich, a local congress person. And after the flirting, and the dating, and the moving in, Phoenix and Tessa got married, just recently in fact.

Meet the François'


Lizette hasn't been on Winchester Isle long but things are going very well for her. She started her hair salon in Upper Winchester and business isn't booming yet but people are finally talking. Lizette's not sure yet but she may have found love with the Mayor, Jake Devlin. She's just not quite sure where she stands with him and is hesitant to ask the question outright.

Meet the Barstow's


Damien and Tiffany moved onto Winchester Isle as a young married couple. One would think their married life was ideal, or at least Damien does. Tiffany, not so much. She soon became a mother and then became restless.

Damien works hard, considering he is the sole breadwinner in the family. He doesn't have as much time as he'd like with his wife and kids but he's sure they appreciate all of his hardwork.

Tiffany is not as discreet as she used to be. Maybe she no longer cares if she gets caught. Maybe she needs to find something else to keep her occupied.

Dana is oblivious to the turmoil going on between her parents. She spends most of the time talking to her bestfriends, Rachael Chalmers and Golden Ross, on the phone (if she can't hang out at their house).

Darius is a bit more observant than Dana, despite being a boy and being younger. He's seen his mom kissing a dark haired man who is not his father. The man actually looks alike like a new friend Darius made.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet the McCarthy's


Bethany McCarthy (nee Winchester) loves living in the Cottage District of Winchster Isle. She seen so much in her long life. Although it hurt to leave the only family home on Isle of the Founder, she was happy when her brother Benjamin, who live in the Farmer's District, moved to Winchester Isle and had the family mausoleum moved in Winchester Isle as well.

Bethany is a very independent elder but both of her sons, Chris and Craig, still can't help but worry about her sometimes. Craig, along with his wife Maddie, have always taken care of his mother Bethany especially since his father Brandon died years ago. The family is rounded out by Craig and Maddie's son and daughter, David and Dana.

David has just become a teenager and he wants to be an archtect, after university of course. He just loves to learn He's got awhile to go before he's eligible for university though.

Meet the Ross'

(From Top) Morris Ross (9), Golden Ross (9), Damien Ross (40), Brianna Ross (40), Persia Ross (9), Shemar Ross (9)

Damien would do absolutely anything for his family. So Brianna told him that when, not if, they move from Truth, it will be a new slate for the family. The life of crime had to go. Damien thought it would be a harder decision than it was. He left the family "business" to his little brother back in Truth and packed up his wife and kids for Winchester Isle.

Brianna was an educated woman. She had met Damien at Truth University. She lost a lot when she decided to be a stay at home mom for her kids, Golden, Persia, Shemar and Morris. But now with Damien's job change, she knows the money will not be flowing as it was before. She is considering actually putting her education to use and perhaps she will find the job of her dreams, or maybe start up her own business.

The quads are very independent. They may socialize together when at home but they all have different friends. Persia has become good friends with a girl from Upper Winchester named Dana Barstow. Morris has become really good friends with Daniel Thayer, from the other side of the cottage district. Golden has apparently decided she likes more mature friends and has taken a liking to Carrie James who lives by her Aunt Teneesha. Shemar seems to be the least sociable of the 4 but he's ok with that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet the Ross-Fancey's


Teneesha Ross was glad she had decided to keep her maiden name when she had gotten married. It made life so much easier for the paperwork when she subsequently got divorced from her husband, Corey Fancey. And since she recieved split custody of the twins, Jaanai followed her mom to Winchester Isle and her twin brother Jaliq stayed in Truth with their father.

Teneesha Ross is making it the only way she knows how, crime. And despite the fact her older brother Damien hasn't given up on his "life of crime" to be come a "respectable member of the community", Teneesha has not given up. She has every intention of picking up where her brother left off and start a new crime syndicate in Winchester Isle.

Jaanai has a dream of becoming Mayor of Winchester Isle but she's not really sure if it was her dream, her mother's dream or her father's. Her dad was a lawyer, her mom wanted an in for the political field and who else would be a better "in" than her own child.

Meet the Hernandez's


Pedro and MeShell had a rocky start from the get-go. While they had known of each other for awhile, it wasn't until Pedro went away to University, that he and MeShell started dating, with her being 5 years his junior and still in highschool. MeShell did her best to fast tracked her way through University when she found out she was pregnant and Pedro did his best to help her with the twins, Pilar and Paloma, keeping them with him while MeShell was in school.

Pedro and MeShell decided to move all the way from their hometown of Truth with their twin daughters, Pilar and Paloma. They don't have any family in the area. MeShell has left behind her parents and aunt, while Pedro has left behind his parents and 5 siblings. They're hoping to make a fresh start for their family in a new area. MeShell is vying for a position as a the Mayor of Winchester Isle, however, she is aware that she probably needs more clout and experience to really be able to pull it off.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet the James'


Carrie James.  It's a love/hate relationship with Carrie.  She really doesn't hates everyone.  Well maybe hate is too strong a word.  She strongly dislikes stupid people and is quite vocal about letting you know her opinion. It's not like she really wants to drive people away.  She really does want to get to know people, be their bestfriend and perhaps find someone to spend her life with someone.  She has been trying to get to know some of her neighbours but is constantly interupted by that sweater wearing in the middle of summer, red head with cornrows, Alvin Davison!  Constantly trying to get in her face with his stupidity!  All he ever wants to do is argue with Carrie and Carrie has determined he's just disagreeable (despite the fact that no one else on Winchester Isle seems to agree with her).  Carrie tries to ignore him...she really does.  She even started talking with this nice man named...something...Hsu?  He looks like he just stepped out of an anime but he's nice, tanned, good-looking, blonde and apparently creative since he goes nowhere without his camera.  But Alvin is there...messing up the conversation...starting arguments...and Carrie's heart beats just a little bit faster whenever Alvin is around, especially when he confronts her.  Not like Carrie will ever admit to it anyways.

Meet the Thayers

Drake Thayer (34), Daniella Thayer (0), Daniel Thayer (9), Catherine Thayer (34), Ollie the dog

Catherine Thayer's roots go way back to the founders, Adam and Annie Winchester, her great-grandparents.  Drake Thayer was a cashier at a clothing store on Wedding Row.  They met as teenagers while Catherine went shopping for some new clothes.  They hit it off immediately and got married as soon as Catherine was old enough.  Catherine was head over heels in love with her husband and moved away from Isle of the Founders, where her entire family moved and moved to Upper Winchester on Winchester Isle.  Not long after they got married, Drake and Catherine found out they were expecting their first child.  Catherine was excited to become a mother and realized their small apartment in Upper Winchester was just too small and started house hunting, preferably i the Cottage District.  She soon gave birth to Daniel Thayer.  Catherine wanted to go for another child and Drake, not so much but Catherine at least got her wish to move to a house by the lake in the Cottage District.

Despite having a wonderful wife and son at home, Drake hasn't exactly been a perfect model of a family sim.  He's done his best to make sure that Catherine never finds out about his affair, before their daughter Daniella was born.  One never knows how the rumour mills will turn or how Catherine will react if she ever finds out, never mind the kids.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet the Chalmers

In order of apprearance

The Chalmers are one of the newest families to move into the Cottage District of Winchester Isle. Davis and Kana Chalmers decided that they wanted a new start in a new place and Davis' parents, Laurel Chalmers and Alon Do, decided to come along as well. Laurel is a long accomplished violinist with a list of broken hearts, despite being in her golden age. She and Alon have been together for so long and Alon would marry her if only he knew she would say "yes". Laurel is happy with the way things are now, leaving her free to flirt and kiss with whomever tickles her fancy, and still come home to Alon.

Davis has never tried to understand his parents relationship, he just accepts it as it is, as long as the lovers don't follow his mother home. Davis and Kana have been married for quite some time and have 2 children together, Rachel and Byron, with another on the way. Davis has been a stay-at-home dad since day one and Kana has always been the one to go out and work but recently, Kana has lost her job in journalism right before she found out about her pregnancy.

Davis is considering going out for work but it's not like they really need the money. Davis' grandmother Kelly Chalmers left a lot of money to the family, almost to the point of them still living off of it. Laurel only added more funds into the coffer as a top rated violinist. Alon is a gifted painter and has sold many pieces in his lifetime so the Chalmers family is definetly not hurting for money. The rumour around town is that they are probably the richest sims on Winchester Isle. However with Davis skill with a needle and thread, he is contemplating opening up a clothing store for at the very least something to do with his time. The children are growing up and don't need a parent at home with them 24/7, especially when the grandparents are home as well.

Rachel and Byron are adjusting well to Winchester Isle. Rachel has already made a couple of bestfriends, Dana Barstow and Persia Ross. Byron hasn't really started to go out and make friends since he just turned 4 and sticks very close to family.

Meet the Stearns

In order of appearence:

It wasn't easy making to Winchester Isle for the Stearns Family. As soon as the family arrived, their mother's health to a turn for the worst and she died leaving 18 year old Brenna in charge of her younger sister and brother, Jordan and Claudio.

Brenna had never really been a family oriented person, but she put her life on hold until her siblings were a little bit older.

Jordan has never been a fan of Brenna. Of course she loves her. That's what sisters do but Jordan knows that if they were not related, they wouldn't even be friends. And Brenna's latest deed only solidified Jordan's belief. Jordan worked hard to finish highchool and by the time graduation came, she had decided it was time to work on her love life. She worked up the nerve to ask out the paperboy she had been admiring for awhile. Sure he cam over and Jordan began to flirt but he saw Brenna, looks were passed and Jordan saw him coming out of Brenna's room early the next morning. Jordan is now a lot more catious with her heart and doesn't really trust anyone anymore. She has determined that she might as well concentrate on things she had better control of; her finances. How to control it and get more of it by any means necessary

Clautio knows about the dramam going on between his sisters and wise stays out of it. He's not really interested in dating anyone at the moment nad spends majority of his free time building toy robots and longing for a swimming pool inteh backyard.

Meet the Pearson Family


In order of appearence:

Neil and Brooke met as teenagers completely by chance and thanks to Neil highschool buddy, Chris McCarthy. Neil and Brooke married by the small lake on Upper Winchester. Not long after their marriage, Brooke gave birth to their 1s child, Denise. Neil and Brooke soon realized that their small aprtment in Upper Winchester was no longer large enough to support their growing family and began to look for a house in the Cottage District.
Neil and Brooke soon had a set of twins, a boy and a girl named Donald and Debrah respectively.
Currently Neil is working as a Doctor and Brooke is a Scientist. Neil is home to open a small pedical centre in the Cottage District.
Denise wasn't able to go to University as she had wanted, since Université de Gingé hadn't opened when she turned 19. She's still trying to decide exactly what she wants to do with her future. And despite the fact that she feels ready to move out, the funding is not there. Her parents are glad to still have her at home until she figures out what she wants to do and can financially support herself.