Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet the Thayers

Drake Thayer (34), Daniella Thayer (0), Daniel Thayer (9), Catherine Thayer (34), Ollie the dog

Catherine Thayer's roots go way back to the founders, Adam and Annie Winchester, her great-grandparents.  Drake Thayer was a cashier at a clothing store on Wedding Row.  They met as teenagers while Catherine went shopping for some new clothes.  They hit it off immediately and got married as soon as Catherine was old enough.  Catherine was head over heels in love with her husband and moved away from Isle of the Founders, where her entire family moved and moved to Upper Winchester on Winchester Isle.  Not long after they got married, Drake and Catherine found out they were expecting their first child.  Catherine was excited to become a mother and realized their small apartment in Upper Winchester was just too small and started house hunting, preferably i the Cottage District.  She soon gave birth to Daniel Thayer.  Catherine wanted to go for another child and Drake, not so much but Catherine at least got her wish to move to a house by the lake in the Cottage District.

Despite having a wonderful wife and son at home, Drake hasn't exactly been a perfect model of a family sim.  He's done his best to make sure that Catherine never finds out about his affair, before their daughter Daniella was born.  One never knows how the rumour mills will turn or how Catherine will react if she ever finds out, never mind the kids.

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