Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet the Hernandez's

Pedro and MeShell had a rocky start from the get-go. While they had known of each other for awhile, it wasn't until Pedro went away to University, that he and MeShell started dating, with her being 5 years his junior and still in highschool. MeShell did her best to fast tracked her way through University when she found out she was pregnant and Pedro did his best to help her with the twins, Pilar and Paloma, keeping them with him while MeShell was in school.

Pedro and MeShell decided to move all the way from their hometown of Truth with their twin daughters, Pilar and Paloma. They don't have any family in the area. MeShell has left behind her parents and aunt, while Pedro has left behind his parents and 5 siblings. They're hoping to make a fresh start for their family in a new area. MeShell is vying for a position as a the Mayor of Winchester Isle, however, she is aware that she probably needs more clout and experience to really be able to pull it off.

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