Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet the James'

Carrie James.  It's a love/hate relationship with Carrie.  She really doesn't hates everyone.  Well maybe hate is too strong a word.  She strongly dislikes stupid people and is quite vocal about letting you know her opinion. It's not like she really wants to drive people away.  She really does want to get to know people, be their bestfriend and perhaps find someone to spend her life with someone.  She has been trying to get to know some of her neighbours but is constantly interupted by that sweater wearing in the middle of summer, red head with cornrows, Alvin Davison!  Constantly trying to get in her face with his stupidity!  All he ever wants to do is argue with Carrie and Carrie has determined he's just disagreeable (despite the fact that no one else on Winchester Isle seems to agree with her).  Carrie tries to ignore him...she really does.  She even started talking with this nice man named...something...Hsu?  He looks like he just stepped out of an anime but he's nice, tanned, good-looking, blonde and apparently creative since he goes nowhere without his camera.  But Alvin is there...messing up the conversation...starting arguments...and Carrie's heart beats just a little bit faster whenever Alvin is around, especially when he confronts her.  Not like Carrie will ever admit to it anyways.

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