Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet the Chalmers

In order of apprearance

The Chalmers are one of the newest families to move into the Cottage District of Winchester Isle. Davis and Kana Chalmers decided that they wanted a new start in a new place and Davis' parents, Laurel Chalmers and Alon Do, decided to come along as well. Laurel is a long accomplished violinist with a list of broken hearts, despite being in her golden age. She and Alon have been together for so long and Alon would marry her if only he knew she would say "yes". Laurel is happy with the way things are now, leaving her free to flirt and kiss with whomever tickles her fancy, and still come home to Alon.

Davis has never tried to understand his parents relationship, he just accepts it as it is, as long as the lovers don't follow his mother home. Davis and Kana have been married for quite some time and have 2 children together, Rachel and Byron, with another on the way. Davis has been a stay-at-home dad since day one and Kana has always been the one to go out and work but recently, Kana has lost her job in journalism right before she found out about her pregnancy.

Davis is considering going out for work but it's not like they really need the money. Davis' grandmother Kelly Chalmers left a lot of money to the family, almost to the point of them still living off of it. Laurel only added more funds into the coffer as a top rated violinist. Alon is a gifted painter and has sold many pieces in his lifetime so the Chalmers family is definetly not hurting for money. The rumour around town is that they are probably the richest sims on Winchester Isle. However with Davis skill with a needle and thread, he is contemplating opening up a clothing store for at the very least something to do with his time. The children are growing up and don't need a parent at home with them 24/7, especially when the grandparents are home as well.

Rachel and Byron are adjusting well to Winchester Isle. Rachel has already made a couple of bestfriends, Dana Barstow and Persia Ross. Byron hasn't really started to go out and make friends since he just turned 4 and sticks very close to family.

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