Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet the McCarthy's

Bethany McCarthy (nee Winchester) loves living in the Cottage District of Winchster Isle. She seen so much in her long life. Although it hurt to leave the only family home on Isle of the Founder, she was happy when her brother Benjamin, who live in the Farmer's District, moved to Winchester Isle and had the family mausoleum moved in Winchester Isle as well.

Bethany is a very independent elder but both of her sons, Chris and Craig, still can't help but worry about her sometimes. Craig, along with his wife Maddie, have always taken care of his mother Bethany especially since his father Brandon died years ago. The family is rounded out by Craig and Maddie's son and daughter, David and Dana.

David has just become a teenager and he wants to be an archtect, after university of course. He just loves to learn He's got awhile to go before he's eligible for university though.

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