Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet the Ross-Fancey's

Teneesha Ross was glad she had decided to keep her maiden name when she had gotten married. It made life so much easier for the paperwork when she subsequently got divorced from her husband, Corey Fancey. And since she recieved split custody of the twins, Jaanai followed her mom to Winchester Isle and her twin brother Jaliq stayed in Truth with their father.

Teneesha Ross is making it the only way she knows how, crime. And despite the fact her older brother Damien hasn't given up on his "life of crime" to be come a "respectable member of the community", Teneesha has not given up. She has every intention of picking up where her brother left off and start a new crime syndicate in Winchester Isle.

Jaanai has a dream of becoming Mayor of Winchester Isle but she's not really sure if it was her dream, her mother's dream or her father's. Her dad was a lawyer, her mom wanted an in for the political field and who else would be a better "in" than her own child.

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