Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet the Ross'

(From Top) Morris Ross (9), Golden Ross (9), Damien Ross (40), Brianna Ross (40), Persia Ross (9), Shemar Ross (9)

Damien would do absolutely anything for his family. So Brianna told him that when, not if, they move from Truth, it will be a new slate for the family. The life of crime had to go. Damien thought it would be a harder decision than it was. He left the family "business" to his little brother back in Truth and packed up his wife and kids for Winchester Isle.

Brianna was an educated woman. She had met Damien at Truth University. She lost a lot when she decided to be a stay at home mom for her kids, Golden, Persia, Shemar and Morris. But now with Damien's job change, she knows the money will not be flowing as it was before. She is considering actually putting her education to use and perhaps she will find the job of her dreams, or maybe start up her own business.

The quads are very independent. They may socialize together when at home but they all have different friends. Persia has become good friends with a girl from Upper Winchester named Dana Barstow. Morris has become really good friends with Daniel Thayer, from the other side of the cottage district. Golden has apparently decided she likes more mature friends and has taken a liking to Carrie James who lives by her Aunt Teneesha. Shemar seems to be the least sociable of the 4 but he's ok with that.

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