Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet the Stearns

In order of appearence:

It wasn't easy making to Winchester Isle for the Stearns Family. As soon as the family arrived, their mother's health to a turn for the worst and she died leaving 18 year old Brenna in charge of her younger sister and brother, Jordan and Claudio.

Brenna had never really been a family oriented person, but she put her life on hold until her siblings were a little bit older.

Jordan has never been a fan of Brenna. Of course she loves her. That's what sisters do but Jordan knows that if they were not related, they wouldn't even be friends. And Brenna's latest deed only solidified Jordan's belief. Jordan worked hard to finish highchool and by the time graduation came, she had decided it was time to work on her love life. She worked up the nerve to ask out the paperboy she had been admiring for awhile. Sure he cam over and Jordan began to flirt but he saw Brenna, looks were passed and Jordan saw him coming out of Brenna's room early the next morning. Jordan is now a lot more catious with her heart and doesn't really trust anyone anymore. She has determined that she might as well concentrate on things she had better control of; her finances. How to control it and get more of it by any means necessary

Clautio knows about the dramam going on between his sisters and wise stays out of it. He's not really interested in dating anyone at the moment nad spends majority of his free time building toy robots and longing for a swimming pool inteh backyard.

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