Sunday, July 11, 2010

Part of the List

Fall 2060

In this update: 

POV: Drake Thayer

"You really suck at pool," said Moon, as he watched Drake's cue completely miss the ball.
"Well you're not too good either," said Drake to his brother in law.
"You're the one with the pool table."
"That I just got last week," Drake replied. "How do you keep up the lovey-dovey stuff at home with Christina. I just don't get it." 

"Christina and the kids are home life," explained Moon, watching Drake attempt another shot. "Outside of the house is a completely different story. To keep Chrissy happy, I lay it on thick, the serenading, the affectionate kissy faces and eskimo kisses crap. That way she doesn't concern herself with my life outside of the home."

"My shot!" Moon went up to the table.
"I dunno. I think Cathy is starting to suspect."
"You've only done it like what? Twice?" 

"With the same woman and we've had some pretty heated make-out sessions around the back Winch Bank," explained Drake. 

"Yeah, but let's be honest, those Winchester girls did not come pretty and if Dingo wasn't my kid, I wouldn't be married to her anyways. You know these Winchesters are traditionalists. Dingo's official last name is Winchester because Chrissy and I weren't married yet." 

"I think Cathy is beautiful," said Drake. 

"In the eye of the beholder," muttered Moon. "I mean seriously, let's take Cathy's 'beautiful' and put against Tiffany's 'friggin gorgeous'." 

Drake knew he had a lot of thinking to do. «What do I really want?»

Drake sat down and made two lists.  The pros and cons of continuing to pursue Tiffany and the pros and cons of staying with his wife.  He studied the lists, made up his mind and threw both lists in the fire place.


Drake made it to a park in Upper Winchester first.  He sat on the park bench at the back of the park as he waited for Tiffany to arrive.  Mentally, he was rehearsing the speech he had planned to deliver.

“Hi Drake,” said Tiffany.  He looked up at Tiffany.
“Umm, hi Tiffany,” he said as he stood.  She sat on the bench and Drake sat back down.
“Couldn’t we have met somewhere indoors?”  Tiffany rubbed her hands together trying to keep her hands warm. 

“No, news travels and I’d prefer to do this with the least amount of people knowing,” said Drake.  Tiffany nodded.  She already knew where this conversation was going.  “We’re going to have to stop.  It’s not that I don’t like you but my family really needs to be the priority in my life.  I just had a daughter, my son is growing up and I got to set a better example and I know for sure that I still love my wife.  What we had is fun but it wasn’t right.”

Tiffany nodded slowly.  She was not going to fight this.  She already knew she had some thinking to do.
“Bye,” she said abruptly and she turned to leave.
“You don’t want to talk about it?”
“Nope,” she said.  “What you said was clear enough.  If you’ll excuse me.”  Tiffany tried to keep herself from running away but her legs just wouldn’t listen.

Drake watched as she ran away from him with a grim expression on his face when he saw Moon by the gate, apparently a witness to the whole ordeal.  He took his cell out of his jacket pocket and sent a text to Cathy.

    How about we get your parents to watch the kids and we go out to dinner?  We haven’t done that in a long time.  ~Drake

"So how did it go?" asked Moon with a grin on his face,  Drake shook his head and walked out of the park.


- "Part of the List" by Ne-Yo  - Someone needs to tell me if I link the music part properly
- This is my tester update to see how the blogging aspect of this neighbourhood is going to work out.  So far I am satisfied with it, however I'm out of order from hood rotation...but really that part doesn't affect anyone else buy myself.
- Also, I need a few opinions regarding things like length, noticeable spelling and grammar mistakes, picture quality etc.  Please let me know.

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