Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning After Dark

Fall 2060

Characters: Brenna Stearns - 28, Jordin Stearns - 19, Claudio Stearns - 16
[Seth McArthur - 19, Bethany McCarthy - 72]

Brenna could feel the sleepiness falling away but she didn't want to wake until Seth was left of her bedroom. «Why is he taking so long?» wondered Brenna. She should have kicked him out when they were done as per the usual course of action. What possessed her to allow him to stay when they finished-

«Oh right!» thought Brenna with a small smile. «We were at it till he put me to bed in sheer exhaustion». She still didn't hear the door open or close.  With her eyes closed, she sensed him in front of her. She could feel his body heat emanating off of him. She could smell him under the scent of woohoo. She felt him brush a finger gently over her forehead, brushing away a few strands of loose hair. His finger traced the length of her nose.
Brenna was about to feign waking up to start up a last round of sweaty woohoo, when she heard him sigh and quietly say, "I wonder if you know how much I love you?"
«Crap! Another one has to go»
She kept her eyes shut and waited until she was sure she heard him leave her room.

Jordin tiredly walked out of her room and headed straight for the kitchen. As she reached for the packets of coffee for the perculator, she turned and saw Seth coming out of the room with his shoes in hand.
"Good-bye Seth," said Jordin. "I still expect our newspaper to be delivered on time."
"Hey Jordin, I'll do my best," he said showing himself out the door.
As soon as the front door closed, Jordin heard the bedroom door open again. Brenna emerged from her room and sat at the dining table with a scowl on her face.

"Let me guess, he confessed his undying attraction to you, messing up your mojo and now you're pissy," said Jordin as she placed a cup of coffee in front of Brenna.

"Attraction wouldn't be all that big of a problem. Seth is now under some delusion that we have something other than a casual woohoo relationship. This morning, while he thought I was asleep, he said he loved me. Got to end it even if he's really skilled at woohoo. Is he ever good at woohoo..."

Jordin rolled her eyes. It was the same every time.

Jordin was determined not to live in this house longer than necessary. Sure she loved her family but she couldn't stand living with Brenna.
It had reached the point where even kind old lady McCarthy who lived on Lower Legend Road had to come over and give Brenna a piece of her mind for her horrible behaviour. She hadn't started looking yet but Jordin was starting to like the idea of living in Lower Winchester. The Brownstones in Upper Winchester were just too expensive. Jordin couldn't afford to buy a cottage in the Cottage District. The only reason the Sterns family had one was because it was left to them by their mother. The Farmer's District was just too far away from everything and despite the fact it was very to buy the land in that area, it was still expensive to buy land.

Jordin picked up the newspaper, deciding to begin her search immediately for an apartment. «and while I'm at it, a roommate who can pay 50% of the bills»

After Jordin got a "promotion" from Bagman to Bookie, Jordin decided to visit an apartment building Lower Winchester that was over an internet cafe, which was good since Jordin was pretty sure she wouldn't have enough money to buy her own computer. She liked the look of the area, old but still trendy. She had heard talks about the "Beautifying Main St" Project that was about to start up. The Island Tribune had an article about Mayor Jake Devlin's plans to revamp Lower Winchester, to invest in the island or some twaddle with up and coming trendy shops but in keeping with the old neighbourhood feel. All Jordin saw was that with the revamp of Lower Winchester that would just make it easier for her career as a criminal, as long as she kept under the radar

«This place as good bones and pretty spacious» thought Jordin. «Perfect!»

Jordin was bombarded as soon as she got back to the house.
"I did it!" exclaimed Claudio.
"Did what?" asked Jordin as she started to head to her room.
"I got into Gingé!"
"I'm assuming Brenna's paying for it..."
"I got 2 grants, one for my grades and the other for being an orphan, wish I had mom though," said Claudio. "Brenna co-signed with me on a loan using her studio as collateral. I'm gonna move over in the winter."

- I can't wait to finally get to start playing Claudio on his own.  He's so separated from the drama going on at his own house.  He spends most of his time rolling wants to build robots and I was so happy when he finally got his bronze badge.  Unfortunately with all of his badge building he completely forgot the concept of girls so hopefully he'll start rolling wants to meet people and go on dates by the time he reaches to Gingé.
- I'm finally going to open up Université de Gingé and send Claudio over for a winter semester but I'm going to try it out with some townies first, to see how it goes
- I need to find a roommate for Jordin.  The only playable that's around her age is Denise.  They don't know each other at all.  We'll see how this goes.  I don't want Jordin living on her own just yet.
- Funny story when I went to visit the apartment building, not 1 but 2 of playable sims who are cops were visiting in full uniform.  I'm certain Jordin may have been wondering if this was an ambush.


  1. I wonder what kind of trouble Brenna is going to get into once Claudio and Jordin are out of the house?

    Jordin should be very careful with her "career". When the city fixes up a neighborhood they make sure to have extra police about to keep out the unsavory elements.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oasis, I'm curious as to what Brenna will do with the house completely to herself as well. As for Jordin, she may already be on police radar but she'll have someone to help her out soon.

  4. I really like this! Your characters are so well drawn. I'm fascinated with Jordin!

  5. S.B., funny thing is, I didn't intend for her to be the main character when I first started writing her but somehow she took over. But everyone will eventually have their chance to shine.