Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't Let me Be Misunderstood

Fall 2060
Carrie James - 33 (Alvin "AJ" Davison - 34)

It was just not a good morning for Carrie. She knew cooking skill were not her forte but she assumed that sticking a toaster pastry in the oven wouldn’t take too much effort.

Apparently, Carrie James was wrong on that.  Learning to cook (burn) something other than toaster pastries would be so helpful right now. She could imagine could imagine it now…

He would come over and be friendly, ready to whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

He would of course get into something more comfortable. Cooking and comfort should go hand in hand.

Feeling completely at home in her kitchen, he would go into her fridge and pull out the ingredients for her favorite breakfast.

After he finished putting together the ingredients, he would call her over for the stovetop portion of her cooking lesson.

When the food preparation would be finished, he would serve her favorite breakfast, cheese omelets with some mushrooms and peppers. She would watch him intently as he walked in his bare feet walk across the linoleum tile with the serving platter, gently placing her omelet in front of her with a smile. She would look up at him and smile, admiring his beautiful brown eyes and red hair and hands wonderful hands as his fingers curled around hers.

“You better enjoy your breakfast,” he would murmur. “Cause the only way you’d get me to make you a meal is in your dreams.”

Carrie snapped out of her dreamlike state and looked down at her toaster pastry in disgust.  Carrie carried the offensive plate to the garbage. "Who am I kidding? All I really want to have is an omelet.”

At the Surface Shop...
Business was slow in the early afternoon. No one really felt the need to buy a desk or dinner table at 1:30 in the afternoon. Carrie leaned back on the counter with the cash register, looking at the people walking by; some on their way out for coffee, some heading to the salon, some heading to the wedding dress shop nearby.

Carrie sighed. She knew one of the reasons customers were not in the store was because of her attitude. It didn’t take much convincing for her to realize that one of the only reasons she had customers was due to no one else selling her products.
«What would I give for some entertainment»

He was in his ugly burgandy and white sweater and jeans. She was powerless to stop him as he picked her up and placed her on the counter. She admired his physical strength. She was far from a small woman. And yet in his hands, she seemed as a light as a feather.  He spread her thighs and stood between them. One hand gently touched her cheeks as he pulled her head towards his. Carrie’s lips parted and her eyes slowly closed.

Carrie’s day dream was rudely interrupted by the man starring in her fantasies; except the real thing was far too argumentative and talked entirely too much.
“Why are you here?” she asked angrily, knowing she was blushing and cursing her pale skin. The look he gave her was heated and that grin irritated beyond belief.
“What kind of crack-pot style of customer service is that?” He propped himself on the counter from her fantasy. Carrie scowled at him.
“Are you actually here to purchase something? No? I didn’t think so. Besides, how many desks and dinner tables does one person really need.” Carrie started to feel some of her nervousness going away. She could argue with him any day of the week, for hours on end. She suspected he enjoyed their almost daily tête-à-têtes. She took a bold step forward, invading his personal space. “Why are you here?” She didn’t know where the huskiness in her voice came from. She stared up at him, arms crossed across her chest, eyes blazing in defiance. “Why do you feel the need to invade my personal workspace on an almost daily basis?”

She saw his gaze drop to her lips as she licked them nervously. His lips looked like they were getting closer. Her heartbeat was erratic.

The bell over the door jingled and out of the corner of her eye, Carrie saw two customers come in.  She backed away and then around him, putting on a smile.

“How may I help you?” she asked brightly as she could manage.

- "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" is a song originally done by Nina Simone.  I love that version but I love the version by John Legend just a little bit more
- This update did not go the way I intended.  I had everything written out.  I loved what I had written out and then Carrie and AJ went and did their own thing and I had to rewrite.  Here's the original copy of what I had, based on a prompt from Valley Sims: Angry Avoidance
- ACR is so much fun and so full of surprises.  I teleported AJ for his scene and the first thing he did was hit on Carrie.  She flirted back and then they were making out.  After I finished the scene, they were straight to her bedroom for a scene of their own but they still don't roll any wants for each other.


  1. I read what you were saying about this at N99, so it's good to finally read how you decided to spin it.

    I think it worked really well. Some people have those kinds of fiery relationships. I wonder what will happen with these two. Carrie sure is an interesting character.

  2. Oh, cool, it's neat to see the story your header image came from, lol!

    I really love how you did that fantasy sequence. Very artistic! She likes to daydream, huh? ;)

  3. Carla, that is exactly what I thought when Carrie and AJ met. She seems to get along just fine with other guys. No fighting, no arguments and no romantic intrests. Mind you her first inclination is usually to tell you you're wrong about something (her customer service really sucks if she is left on her own). I'm curious, and crossing my fingers and toes, to see if they do end up together. They'd have their red head, brown eyed grumpy kids. The snark would be amazing to watch.

    Laura, it wasn't until I was about to post the pictures, I realized that no one other than me would be able to tell which pictures were from reality and which ones were fancy. I don't have anything other than MS Paint at this computer (not my home computer mind you) but Photobucket has their little photo adjuster stuff. Desaturate and go! I'm glad the effect worked out well.

    I think Carrie spends a lot of time in her head, which would be perfect if she were into writing but she's not.

  4. I really like Carrie's character and I hope they do end up together. I am a total daydreamer so I was right there with her!

  5. Yay! Another Carrie and AJ fan! I'm dying to go back into game just to see what they do. I've already compromised by making AJ playable with his own house but he won't be played for awhile.

  6. Finally caught up!

    I loved the fantasy scenes and the photo effects, nice job. Hmm, wonder where they will take things.

  7. Yay for catching up, easy to do when there are only 4 entries posted :D Thanks!

  8. Not familiar with N99 so I don't know what you were originally planning, but this is charming! Fantasizing about everything from omelets to desks, as long as the daydream includes AJ!

    Do you let the game proceed and follow along? Use it to get the illustration you want? Or something in between?

    I really enjoy your writing!

  9. S.B., I'm still working out my playstyle but so far it seems as if I'm trending between following what's going on and my own illustrations. I'll use Carrie's stry as an example.

    Before I started even writing, I went to Carrie's house and she had 3 visitor's in her welcoming party, Davis Chalmers, Craig Winchester and Alvin Davison (who is now known as AJ). Carrie got along well with Davis, they're even bestfriends who almost always have they want to talk to each other on the phone. With Craig, she could careless either way. When it was AJ's turn, and considering he was the only single male, I did a 'scope room' and they had 2 bolts. They promptly started arguing and fighting. No intervention from me. Davis and Craig left, Alon Hsu (a townie) came by. Carrie has a friendly conversation with Alon and AJ comes in at first opportunity to continue the argument with Carrie.

    From there I wrote what I wanted to happen. I went back in game and started to get my pictures ready and then they start doing their thing. First of all, Seth McArthur, the NPC paperboy who is now an adult and still delivering the paper, was supposed to make an appearance with Carrie yelling down the street as he ran to continue his paper route. I teleported him on lot and he would just walkoff no matter what I did. I tried when he came to deliver the paper. Still walked off lot. So that part of the story had to be taken out.

    I teleported AJ in and he did the walk off thing too but eventually he stayed. ACR kicked in. So I had to adapt. The story remained essentially the same but I take cues from what I see my sims do and if it doesn't get put in for this update, it will be put in for the next.

    Long winded kinda explenation...