Sunday, August 22, 2010


I really just wanted a new header that wasn't too big for this blog.  I created a few that were nice and then I made a few more and next thing I know I have 20+ banners and probably more are on the way.  So if anyone wants to look at the collection, here they are:

See what I mean about going over board?  This was over the span of 2 days.  I'll rotate the header every once in a while.  More will probably be added as time goes next week...

Edited to add: Renee (aka: DrRenee from N99) after hearing how I was going to have to rotate these bad boys let me know of  a free program called Easy GIF Animator that makes animated images


  1. These are so great! Maybe I'll try my hand at making a banner or two later on.

    So does Blogger allow you to use animated images in the header then?

  2. Carla, the animated images don't work with the banner. The one that's flashing now, is the same one that's in the header...I really wanted it to animate but blogger doesn't think so.