Friday, August 20, 2010


Fall 2060

You're not ready for the world outside.
You keep pretending, but you just can't hide.
I know that I said that I'd be standing by your side,
But I...
«Not this conversation again» thought Davis.
“Well you are 32 years old, living at home, moved in your wife, had your children and have never worked a day in your life.”

“But dad, do I really have to? Grandma Kelly left us a ton of money, plus that massive house in Fuller’s Isle. They royalties from mom’s album are ridiculous. The money made from your game tours and your sci-fi paintings is astounding.”
“And you feel no shame in not actually being able to financially support your family?”
“They’re taken care of,” defended Davis.
“-By your mother and I. I wish I knew a way change your work ethic.”
“But why does it bother so much?”
“Your mother babies you,” complained Alan. “She should have sent you out on your own. You could have only benefited from the experience.”
“And what do you expect me to do?”
“Get a job, put your natural skills to good use. You can work for a company or start your own?
“You want me, with no college or university education and no marketable skills to start a corporation?”
“Are you crazy? I wouldn’t invest in that. I’m talking about opening a shop or something like that.”
“Selling what?”

“You’re smarter than you give yourself credit for son. You’re also pretty handy with a sewing machine. There nothing wrong with working in the clothing industry. By the way Davis, You're mom and I are thinking of leaving the house to you and Kana and moving into a nice little condo.”
“What!” cried Davis. “I didn’t even see that coming.”
“There’s a lot of things you don’t see son. Did you hear how they may be repealing the generational letter law?”  Davis stared at his father, dumbfounded with the sudden subject change.
“So you mean I don’t have to give my child a name that starts with D? Thought it was a dumb law to begin with.”
“Maybe I should have used the word ‘amend’. Mayor Devlin says that despite it being a long standing Winchester Isle tradition, dating all the way back to with Founder’s Isle and starting with Adam and Annie Winchester-” Alan paused to take a breath. “According to the newspaper, Mayor Devlin is going to have it so that it would be either the 1st or 2nd name would have to follow the Generational Letter Law.”
“Alright son. I’ve come to the conclusion I am just not as young as I used to be. I’m heading off to bed. Good-night.”
“Good-night dad,” said Davis, watching his father walking to the bedroom he shared with his mom..

Davis couldn’t take it anymore. His father’s words were starting to affect his thought process.
Kana had previously lost her job at the local newspaper and as a soon as Davis and his mother, Laurel, found out that she was pregnant, they told her no to rush back to work.
Davis did not like this new feeling. Kana had gone out to find work when he stayed at home, doing whatever struck his fancy.
«Dad’s right» thought Davis sighing.
“Daddy?” Davis saw his little girl Rachael. He wouldn’t like it if Rachael ended up with someone who wouldn’t work to support his daughter.
“Yes Rach?”
“You weren’t listening to me.” Davis looked at her with a smile, remembering when she was still a baby.
“I’m listening now.”
“You know how the new basketball court opened down the street? I was wonder if I could go…”
“You can come too!” interrupted Rachael before he could object.
“You want to go out in public with me?” asked Davis with a chuckle.
“Daddy! Who else am I supposed to go play basketball with? Besides you’re still kinda cool.” Davis loved her smile. It was just like her mother’s.
“I’m still cool? Really? A practically teenager thinks I’m cool.”
“I said ‘kinda’ cool. There’s still a difference.”
“Go put out some shorts so we can enjoy the little remaining heat of the fall. Meet you back down in 20 minutes.”

“Daddy, look at her.”
“Rachael, don’t make fun of people,” he said not looking where she was pointing. “That’s not- What the heck are they wearing to a basketball court.”
Sybil Kirby apparently ventured down from the Farmer’s District, looking like she was auditioning for Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”. But who surprised Davis even more was Dylan Pullen in a men’s «assuming» figure skating outfit, rhinestones and all.

Davis assumed a bet had occurred and Dylan lost. Either that or he was trying out for the men’s figure skating competition at the basketball court.
Davis shook his head with a chuckle. “Doesn’t change anything Rachael, still don’t make fun of people.” He spied the photo booth right beside the hot dog stand and checked his pockets for his anti-bacterial sanitizer. Sure enough, it was there.
“Let’s go take a picture to commemorate this daddy-daughter outing.”
“I’m not going in there. It’s filthy!” Rachael tried to walk to the basketball courts but her father reached out and held her firmly on the shoulder.
“I have sanitizer and I’m prepared to wipe everything down.” Davis pulled out the sanitizer as proof. Rachael sighed but nodded. She hated photo booths. Something about them just seemed dirty, especially in such public places.

She waited outside while she hoped her dad was cleaning everything meticulously. The new busker showed off her pop and locks moves and was offering lessons for a fee. «Maybe Daddy would like that»
“Rachael, it’s clean.” Rachael gathered her nerves and ventured into the cramped photo booth.
“I know you’re getting to be a big girl.”
“Dad, I’m 9.”
“I know but there’s only one seat. Just sit on my lap and we’ll take the picture.” Rachael’s nose wrinkled in disgust. «At least I’m not on the chair»
“And no frowning in the picture.” Rachael sighed heavily. “None of that,” said Davis as he proceeded to tickle his princess.

As the laughter bubbled out of her mouth, the flash went off.

At Rachael’s suggestion, Davis watched the busker show off her pop and lock moves. «That doesn’t look so hard» Davis got her attention when he waved money in her face for lessons.

«Ok, so that was more difficult than I thought»
Rachael was cheering for him when he finally got the moves down.
“Show her your skills daddy! The fire one.”

Davis lit both ends of the baton and proceeded to show the husker a thing or two. He was also quite surprised he even got some spectators.

He finished off his routine with a flourish and applause. Rachael smiled at her father.
“Come-on kiddo, let’s go home.”
“Daddy, you know how Mrs. Thayer took us on a walking tour of Upper Winchester? I saw this nice house that I think can be a shop If we could do some remodeling. Maybe you could sell some of the extra stuff you make. And then people would buy them like crazy and we’d be rich!”
“Rachael, we’re already rich.”
“But we could always be richer,” she said with a grin as she walked home hand in hand with her father.

- "Standing" is from the "Once More With Feeling" Soundtrack, or more commonly known as the musical episode from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Sung by Anthony Stewart
- As for the Generational Name Law, it was something I came up with originally to keep track of the generations but I don't think I thought it through well enough.  It wasn't hard when they were only 2 A's, 2 B's and 4 C's...but then more sims moved in Winchester Isle and having like 20+ D's, it became more confusing.  The the alpha-naming scheme has been amended so that new sims born in game with have both a first and middle name and either one of those names with start with the generational letter.
- Apparently, Davis also makes a horrible employee.  I had him working at the Surface Shop with Carrie James...yeah, despite the fact they're best buddies (which is a major accomplishment on Carrie's part), she had to fire him.  He has even worse customer service skills than her.  He skipped and played kickyball more than he even talked to everyone, no matter how many times she assigned him to sell.  Davis needs his own shop and have someone else actually sell things
- Davis really doesn't do anything,  In the neighbourhood he originally comes from, he died and still never had a job, never rolled a want for a job but he sewed clothes for everyone in his family and made like 3 million potholders.  So I'm going to continue this idea and have him be a tailor/clothing designer.


  1. I'd forgotten that Sims could do the fire thing.
    Interesting plans for the future.

  2. Rachel's personality is too cute! And yeah... 32 is plenty old enough. I would have kicked him out if I were his dad. lol

  3. Pinkfiend1, I was just clicking through the dance options once he finished learning how to pop and lock and it was there. Might as well see what it looks like outside of lessons. I am dying to know if a sim can sell clothing that they have made in a shop. Guess this is a way to find out. If not, maybe a fire-dancing pop-locking class, LOL!

    gallowaytownship, I would have kicked Davis out myself too however he was the heir to a legacy family in another neighbourhood. His mother was a romance sim so having another child was completely out of the question (besides I think he's absolutely adorable). We still have to see what happens with either him or his parents or anything to make his life more difficult.

  4. screaming with laughter at the thought of Davis making millions of potholders!!! He definitely needs a place of his own!

    Great shots! Really wonderful use of fire!

  5. Thank-you S.B. Now I really want him to make a ton of them and place them around the house just to have his father complain and his mother coo at all his hard work :D