Friday, August 27, 2010

Université de Gingé Update

Winter 2061
Claudio Sterns - 18, Shannon Li - 18

Please wait while we connect the line. Long distance charges may apply. Thank-you for using TéléGingé
«It’s no wonder that I don’t make these calls more often. Just waiting to get through to WinchIsle takes forever» thought Claudio as he tapped his feet to the mindless rhythm.A grin split on Claudio’s face as he heard a familiar voice.

“Brenna! It’s me! No! Claudio, your little brother. What other man do you expect to be calling the house?

"Wait, don’t answer the question I don’t want to know. No, first time I going fine.

“You’d be surprised if you saw me.

"Shannon couldn’t stand to look at my hair. Shannon? She one of my dorm buddies here, Her family’s up in the farmer’s district.

“Yeah, she’s kind cute,” said Claudio with a small grin.

“Anyways she took me to the student barbers.

"And now I understand why people wouldn’t want to pay them. If Shan-Shan hadn’t been there, I would have left and just left my hair as is.

"But eventually, the guy got it right. I’ll send you a picture.

"Yes Shan-Shan likes the haircut. She says my face is no longer shrouded by my hair.

“Shan-Shan also got her hair done. It’s so much shorter but I kinda like it.”

“I’m doing pretty well in school. Got back my final exam and guess what? I’m on the Dean’s List and I have a perfect 4.0 GPA. No I’m not telling you what Shan-Shan got. Not my information to give. Yes I have met other people than Shannon. Set of twins. One of them, La Shawn I think, is a cheerleader but she doesn’t live in my dorm.

"Stupid guy in a cow mascot started a fight with her.

"She’s a mean fighter though. Yeah, she’s kinda cute too. Her sister, Lyndsay, has one of the rooms upstairs. Yes, she’s cute as well. They are twins. They look pretty much the same.

“But the questionable hygiene of some of my other dorm-mates? Believe me, I definitely question that. I’m telling you these people don’t know the meaning of deodorant or soap!

“Yeah, you saw that in the paper? Yes, one of my dorm-mates died earlier on right by Shan-Shan’s door, his name was Leo Hurt. They said they’re going to name the dorm after him. Sounds kinda morbid to me.”

“Really? She does? I’ll call Jordin another time. Okay, bye Brenna.”

Grades and Majors
Claudio, Biology, 4.0
Shannon, Mathematics, 2.0
- No song for this one...couldn't think of one
- I haven't enjoyed playing a University at regular speed until now.  Claudio and Shannon immediate found each other attractive, they were introduced to the not so attractive Maxis Uni Townies who must have been hidden in the empty template. 
- I realized when Leo died that I was probably missing some vital Uni Student protection hack.  The only sims who used the showers were Claudio and Shannon "Shan-Shan" (I think I've fallen in love with that name for her) and I need to find some kind of assignment eliminator.  When I took Cladio and Shan-Shan to the Barber Shop, practically every single student in the building decided to sit down on the ground to do their assignments and would block pathways like exit to the bathroom.
- Claudio was pretty good about getting the skills required to get a full bar.  Shannon apparently only wanted to gain 1 skill and was quite happy with an almost failing grade.  I have never allowed a student to fail before so this should be interesting.


  1. I never allowed a student to fail before Sullivan either but letting them live by their wants really mixes things up a bit. I've had four flunk out now!

    I liked the format you wrote this in, Claudio's phone call home. And it was cool to see the origin of the makeover pics you posted at N99.

  2. Thanks Carla! I'm hoping Shannon won't be my first flunkee but if she continues to roll absolutely no wants for for skilling, despite the fact I gave her a secondary of Knowledge then I don't know what else to do for her education.

    The only thing about Claudio's phone call home is that Shannon really didn't get to say anything but maybe she'll feature more in the update for the rest of her family.

  3. I take back what I said about Claudio at N99 (where I liked his old hair), cause up close, I really like his new do, much more! He looks smoking. Shan-Shan is a cute nickname for Shannon.

    lol on stinky Leo in the background, than dead. I read your comment about him in the past on the board and was going to ask if you just killed him off for being stinky, lol. Guess not, though that would have been a little funny.

    I liked the phone call home for the format too, and the little connection blurb, reminded me of collect calls back in the day.

  4. I am not so cruel to kill off a townie because they stink. I may kill them for other reason but not for stink along (or that half of the uni townies seem to look like him). I think I fixed the uni issue with them not taking care of themselves. If I remember correctly, one of Pescado's hacks allows townies to lose their...immortality for lack of taking proper care of themselves. I have no plans to be having them die everytime I play a dorm so it's been disabled.

  5. Claudio's new haircut is looking good, as is Shannon's.
    I like the way you told the story here, Claudio calling home and telling about uni.
    I TRY to let my sims at uni live by their wants, but I'm terrible at it, I always intervene when they almost fail :s I should stop doing that, but it's stronger then me!

    I've only recently found your blog (thank you N99 ;)) so I think I will be going to have to read your earlier posts, but I already have a very long to-do-list, so for now I will just start here :)

  6. Tanja, from what I've experience, playing uni according to wants is so much more fun. If they fail, they fail. They leave university and go and find a job. Mind you, I've only had 1 term pass and I don't want Shannon to be kicked out but not everyone goes to college and those who do, don't necessarily graduate.

    If it's any consolation, there isn't much to catch up on just yet. Households are just starting to get their stories told.

  7. Claudio looks much better with the makeover. The first hairstyle really did cover up his handsome face

  8. Why am I just seeing this comment now? Thanks OV! I really like him better when his face is showing. I had reached the point that i forgot how good looking he is due to his hair.