Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What Is This Feeling?

Winter 2061

Loathing, Unadulturated Loathing
For your face, Your Voice, Your Clothing
Let's just say
I loathe it all

 “What do you think about Julio?” asked MeShell with her head buried in a baby name book.
“It’s a boy?” asked Pedro.
“Don’t know yet.  I was kinda hoping for a surprise.  Fernando?  Eduardo?  I know!  Emilliano or better yet, Esai!”
“Sweetie, you know that the baby doesn’t need to have a Latino name, right?”
“Your parents will love it,” said MeShell.  “Ernesto?”
“Esperanza, Estefania-“
“Ezequiel!”  Pedro thought about it and slowly started to nod his head.
“I like Ezequiel, if it’s a boy.”
“Estefania for a girl?” asked MeShell hopefully. Pedro nodded his head again.  He felt as if his life couldn’t get any better than this.  He had his wife, his twin daughters and another child on the way.  Absolutely perfect.
His gaze fell on the newspaper article of the on-going negotiations regarding the Generational Name Law.
"MeShell...problem," he whispered. MeShell looked up at him sleepily.  "The Generational Name Law is still in effect."
She sighed heavily.  "We're not in Truth anymore Toto."
"Why do I have to be the dog?"  MeShell smiled at him.  "Well obviously! I'm Dorathy and Toto is the closest creature to Dorathy."
"Can't I be like the wizard making all your dreams come true?"
"The wizard was a fraud," said MeShell.  "And I would prefer if my husband were not a fraud."  MeShell sighed contentedly.  It was nice and quiet inside their little bungalow, a little too quiet.  "Pedro, where are the girls?"
"They're quiet, that's all that matters."
"Pilar and Paloma are never quiet."

"Well they argued and bickered all the way to the store when we went for new clothes today.  The shoving matches begun in the store while trying on clothes.  And the arguing only escalated on the way home.  I'm enjoying the quietness.  It won't last long.  They need their own rooms.  I don't even remember arguing this much as a child and there was 6 of us."
"Don't look at me!  I was an only child.  No arguing from me.  My mom and aunt did have their spectacular fights though.  Go check on the girls for me please."
"Whatever you say Dorathy."
"Doratéa!  The Generational Letter is D!  Doratéa would be perfect for a girl!  Doratéa Estefania Bruty-Hernandez."
"I can just call her Dora right?"
"But what about if we have a boy?"
"I haven't thought of a good D name yet...Dora..."  A smile crept on MeShell's face.  "Diego!  Diego Roberto Bruty-Hernandez>"
"Dora or D then," said Pedro as he started to walk to the girls' room.  "Call my dad, he'd really appreciate it if you tell him you'd name your son after him."
"When the baby comes."

- "What Is This Feeling?" From the Cast of Wicked (I love that play and would be so willing to go see it again), by Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel

-Meet Doratéa Estefania Bruty-Hernandez.  Right now to me, she looks like a clone of Pilar but that's pretty much an eye color thing. 
- This was all actually from the 2nd playing of this family.  I did played and MeShell was about to give birth and I wanted to make sure that the baby wasn't a clone so I used the Batbox from MATY.  I didn't realize it would take me out to the neighbourhood without saving...I so wasn't motivated to go back through this family again for quite some time.
- Pilar (with the ponytail) is really mean!  When they went to the store, the only thing she wanted to do was torment Paloma (the one with the lovely swishy hair to the side).  Paloma was having none of it but she would never start them.  I'm wondering if I'll end up with an Angela and Lilith twin relationship.  They each have more affection for the new baby than they do for each other


  1. Haha let's hope they don't have a relationship like Angela and Lilith! Mean sim kids annoy me sometimes with their constant wants to torment people! And I love Doratea! Such a cute name :)

  2. I've never really experienced a mean child until Pilar. Majority of my sims don't seem to be all that friendly but none of the kids ever want to torment anyone and Paloma is on the completely opposite side of the scale. It should be an interesting dynamic. I wonder if Doratéa will end being a mediator between these two...

    Isn't Doratéa such a nice name? I was actually going to call her Estefania and then I remembered, it's not yet time for the GNL to be amended :( So now Doratéa will be the first sim in the neighbourhood to have a middle name cause I couldn't let Estefania go.

  3. Doratea is a beautiful name. Her sisters are both so pretty, so I'm sure she will be similarly blessed!

    Wow though...I hope she doesn't take after Pilar in personality, because otherwise Pedro and MeShell will have a real tough time on their hands!

  4. Oh I really like the name Doratea, how sweet is that. I giggled a little at the possible D names though, Dora/Diego, being Nick Jr. cartoons. But I love the name Diego.

    I hope that the twins find a way to get along at some point, it'd be sad if they had an Angela/Lilith relationship.

  5. She is a beautiful child! I'm astonished how much you pull out of this - gorgeous evocative writing!

    I love the name. Doratea.

  6. Carla, I'm hoping that Doratéa will not take after Pilar as well because there would absolutely ever be any peace in that household but since she's a mean one in personality...we'll have to see. As for the looks, the faced a better chance in this neighbourhood than they did in Truth Exhibit A (Pilar) and Exhibit B (Paloma)

    Maisie, I had actually decided on Doratéa and the first play through if it was a girl. I didn't even make the connection of Dora and Diego until I was actually writing this update. I was wondering if anyone else had picked that up too :D

    Thank-you S.B.