Monday, September 27, 2010

I Am Changing

Winter 2061

Damien Ross - 41, Brianna Ross - 41, Golden, Persia, Shemar and Morris Ross - 10

i am changing
seeing everything so clear
i am changing
i'm gonna start right now right here
i'm hoping
to work it out
and i know that I can
but ineed you
i need a hand

It's not easy to turn your entire way of life around but Damien promised and I believe he is making his best effort for our family.  I never realized how entrenched his family was in crime until after we got married.

Since Damien is out at work, the kids are out to school and my new job as a Test Subject (everyone has to start somewhere), I decided to go out and visit Lower Winchester.  Window shopping was my only option since with this new lifestyle change, funds were very tight.  I stopped at the Black and White Diner and saw a sign up sheet for the quarterly food challenge.  I wasn’t going to enter however the Food Judge informed me the kitchen and the ingredients were open to the contestants.

My kids have always told me my spaghetti was “da bomb” (from what I gather, it’s a good thing) and if all 4 of my kids loved it, maybe the food judge would like it too.

Since I had never attempted anything like this before, I was worried about how it would go.

I was very happy when the food judge handed me a blue and gold ribbon and a check for $500

- "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls Soundtrack, sung by Jennifer Hudson
- Yeah, so for pictures, not so much...not on purpose but sometimes (most times), I forget to click the button for the picture.
- I am loving the dynamics of the quads.  They get along pretty good and fill in each other's gaps.  Shemar hates to do his homework and will quickly leave it to go play with the toys in Persia's room but he has the attention span of a knat.  He'll take out a toy play with it for 10 sim minutes, throw it on the floor and go for another one.  Either Persia and Morris will clean it up after him every single time.  So far no one has the want to encourage him to be neater and I wish some one did!  Golden will sit there and let her homework pile up for 3 days...still no want to actually do her homework.  Something tells me she's not going to be making it to college.
- Going out and visiting community lots has become one of my favorite things to do, especially to watch the drama with the photobooth at the Black and White Diner.  The amount of affairs I have seen going on in there, it's no wonder Rachael never wanted to step foot in one.  Dylan Pullen, my own Don Lothario, has done something he has never done before, woohoo with a married woman.  Sure she was all smiles about it but as soon as she saw him make-out with her geriatric aunt about 5 minutes after they were finished in the photobooth, stars went circling around his head as she slapped him.  Shannon's mother Margaret got robbed by the Unsavory Charletan.


  1. I bet $500 comes in handy with four kids! Those four must have been a handful as toddlers! It sounds like Golden might end up like my Maia. She never wanted to do her homework either and only went to college in the end to follow her boyfriend. :\

    I have never played multiples larger than twins before (in Sullivan anyway, I actually had sextuplets in a previous hood, born of a game glitch). A rule I have is that any pregnant Sim over 40 has to choose the "random" option on the Toddlers & Quads hack - the chance of multiples goes up with age but so does the chance of getting pregnant at all, so it might never happen!

  2. I still couldn't believe that spaghetti won over Grandma's Comfort Soup. As for Golden and her lack of doing homework, I just don't want the social worker coming (check downloads folder regarding social worker hacks) and taking away all 4 of the kids. I already had one of my sim kids taken away on a different household due to him not doing homework...absolutely ridiculous reasoning in my mind.

    This is actually one of my "transported" families from Truth. I was pretty certain I had clicked on original, which should mean 1-2 children. Four popped out and I seriously struggled with them as babies and toddlers. I think I actually had to use max motives a couple times. They were much easier to manage in Winchester. They were already children and generally self-sufficient. However, I'm not sure if I want to put the Triplets and Quads hack back in my game. I think the 2 children max per pregnancy is enough for me.

  3. this is really charming! I love the cooking contest....

  4. Thank-you SB! I've also become quite fond of the cooking contests.