Monday, October 4, 2010

Pass Me Over

Spring 2061

If you catch me dreaming
Please don’t wake me till I'm done
Just leave me sleeping
Until the morning comes
Narrated by David McCarthy

It hasn't been so easy on the family since Grandma Bethany died.  She's lived with us for as long as I can remember, even when my dad decided he wanted to leave Isle of the Founders and come over to Winchester Isle, Grandma helped pack the boxes, hoped in the moving truck and came with us to our new home.  According to the newspaper, she was one of the oldest residents on record.

I'm almost convinced that Dana was Grandma's favourite.  I don't remember seeing her like that around Delia and I guess I spent more time with Grandpa Brandon when I was younger.  We bonded over soccer.

Grandma taught her all about the blocks and how to sing nursery rhymes.  It was cute for awhile but after listening to Dana sing it over and over and over again, it became quite annoying.

I soon found the quitest place in this house was outside in the backyard.  No on really went out there in the middle of the night and I could have my peace and quiet while looking through my telelscope.

I'm glad Grandma was able to make it to Dana's birthday party.  She was cheering the loudest..

It was later that night that she died in her music room beside her favorite set of drums.

Dad and Dana took it the hardest.  We still have Uncle Ben around but it's not the same.  We don't see him as often. 

We'll miss Grandma Bethany...

Bethany McCarthy (née Winchester) 1998-2061

- "Pass Me Over" is by Anthony Hamilton and despite it being a sad song, it is one of my favorites by him.
- Bethany McCarthy (née Winchester) was the first born-in-game sim in my neighbourhood with a dream of being a top dancer.  She never came anywhere close to that but she is survived by her two sons, Chris McCarthy and Craig McCarthy, and 3 grandchildren, Delia, David and Dana
- On N99, they had a post about favourite families.  The whole Winchester-McCarthy-Thayer-Zappa family is one of my favourites.  While taking this picture, I learned 1) David is a cry baby, 2) Drake's marital issues go a lot further than I thought since apparently at one point he and Maddie fell in love.  He was still a teenager when she married into the family so I don't know where that came from. 3) Moon is the most interesting Knowledge sim I have ever seen.  If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was a romance/family sim.  He almost literally woohoo anything that walks (only beaten by an actual romance sim, Dylan Pullen).  However, when he's at home he's constatly, flirting with his wife Christina, kissing her, and the two of them will disappear and will almost always be found on a couch or a double bed.  Suffice it to say, by the time the family picture was taken, Christina was pregnant again.  Family Picture:


  1. Awww, sad... kind of an unhappy milestone when the first sims in the hood reach old age and pass away. I love the young picture of her at the end, and the way you framed the story with the telescope pictures.

    Lol the 'behind the scenes' on the family picture! I'm planning a big family picture in one of my future updates and I'm half-excited about it, half dreading it! :)

  2. What a great family picture! I never tryed to do one of those extended family pictures, but seeing yours and Carla's and Laura's (both at N99) I think I might give it a shot :)
    That last picture of Bethany at the end, she looks so happy, as all young sims do :)
    I like the way you let Davod tell the story.
    It's always sad to loose a sim, but she had a full life, and she sure will be missed!

  3. Thank-you Blackcat and Tanja. I saw the extended family picture from Carla and Laura and decided to give it a try myself. It was fun, hectic but fun.

    I wish I did take more pictures before, but I really only have a couple pictures from her as a child, 1 kitchen wedding picture and then her as an elder. I actually had to extract Bethany out of game and plop her and her husband in a different neighbourhood to get pictures.

  4. That's so sad. Dana just grew up and grandma will miss it all.

    Craig looks just like her mother. They look like clones.

  5. OV, I never noticed that much family resemblance before. It's just recently that I'm actually trying to pay attention to the facial features that get passed, he has her nose and just about everything else other than skin color and eye color which came from his dad. While Chris is more of a mix of his parents and he got his Bethany's eye color.

    And now I'm going to go through this family catogorizing the facial features and who they came from. Next thing to add to the database.

  6. The family photo is great, lol on all the things you learned.

    David is super cute!

    Sad on her dying, though I like that she was there for the birthday. I hate when sims die, especially ones that you've had from the beginning. I only have two left from my first generation left in my hood.

  7. Thank-you Maisie. I liked her so much I was thinking of ignoring how much time she had left and just let continue living and then I decided if I couldn't let her go, I wasn't going to do to well for my other sims.

    David the cutie-cry baby. I hope he grows out of it, real soon or maybe he just won't see his extended family too often.