Friday, October 15, 2010

See You Again

Spring 2061

I got this crazy feeling, deep inside
When you called and asked to see me, tomorrow night
I’m not a mind reader but I’m reading the signs
That you can’t wait to see me again

Alvin Jarvis Davison had been staring at the phone sitting on his night table, willing it to ring.  One would assume after night battles of the wills between himself and his phone, that AJ would just give up.

After the bitter conversation between himself and Carrie at her shop a few months ago, AJ was determined not to invade her space again.  She apparently didn’t want him around despite the look in her eyes and he was pretty certain her lips had been headed in his direction too.

This could very well end if she would just call him.  He knew she had his number.  He made sure he filled it out in her receipt book every time he bought he bought something at her store.

She was right though.  Who really need so many desks, dinner tables, night tables, end tables…he had 2 of the dinner tables in a storage unit, he sent one to his mom back home for her birthday who was admiring her wonderful scroll work.  He hated scroll work but he bought it anyways just because he couldn’t loiter in the store and he didn’t have anything like it.  «Why couldn’t she sell something small instead of tables and other various surfaces?»

AJ leaned back on the wall behind his bed where the head board was still missing, thinking of one of their early encounters.  He found her attractive as soon as he met her.  Of course the first thing they did was argue but they were both enjoying the attempt of getting one up on each other.  And then Amar Hsu decided to interrupt the flow.  AJ didn’t know where this animé character look-a-like came from but he wanted him gone.  Carrie was actually nicer to this Hsu character than she was to AJ.  He couldn’t stand it.  Somehow or another, he ended up with a pissed Carrie and a confused Hsu.

From the lambasting he got Carrie, AJ managed to gather that he “interrupted” a perfect lovely conversation with a nice man.
Abby was desperate to get out of the apartment but big brother wouldn’t let her go anywhere without him since she was new to Winchester Isle.  Abby just thought he was over protective.  It wasn’t that she didn’t like hanging out with her big brother but he apparently was not willing to leave the apartment unless it was work related which was very unlike him.

They used to go all over the place when they were back home in Denarii Reef.  It wasn’t like he was a home body to begin with.  So in Abby’s mind there was probably someone he was trying to avoid.

«Well this cannot continue.  I’m going stir crazy in here and he won’t let me out alone.  Time to be the whiny little sister»


"We couldn't even order a fresh one?"  Abby rolled her eyes, took her slice and went to warm it up in the microwave.  "Aren't you like a cook or something?  Why don't you cook something to eat?"

"Do you want the pizza or not?  Otherwise take something out of the cupboards, fridge or freezer and cook it yourself," said AJ, staring at his phone sitting on the table by the door.  Abby rolled her eyes at the site.  «He looks pathetic»

"Do you expect it to do a trick?" she asked making her way back to the table.

"What?" replied AJ lazily.

"The phone.  You seem to have an odd fascination with surfaces and your phone, where you sit at stare at them in combination.  I'm starting to think you have mental problems."

"Why don't I just put you back on the bus and send you back to mom and dad?"

"You like me too much, besides I like it here more.  Can I like go out of the house and maybe go to a grocery store of some sort?  I don't consider a jar of pickles, mayo and mustard sole ingredients of a meal.  I'll even give you the honour of teaching me how to cook, oh wonderful big brother of mine."

"You don't know anywhere around here yet."

"Well if you don't let me out of the house, I'll never learn my way around unless you have some kind of a...female friend that you wouldn't mind sending me around with," pressed Abby, watching AJ's face carefully for any telltale signs that she may have gotten anything right.

"What are you trying to get at?"

"I'm pretty sure you would not be sending me out with one of your male friends," continued Abby.

"What's wrong with your big brother?"

"I was under the assumption that if it wasn't for work, you weren't going out or are you just going out without me while I'm stuck in the god forsaken place."

"So you want to go back to Denarii Reef?"

"Not even close," said Abby with wide grin on her face.  "So can we go somewhere?  We can spend quality time together and you can explain your obsession with tables to me."


Abby was happy to see AJ so happy.  He was even singing in the shower.  She still didn’t know what caused it but she wasn’t going to complain.  He was taking her clothes shopping.

“So brother dearest, what has you in such a good mood today?”

“You mean after you nearly burned down my kitchen yesterday?”

“And what do you think about this top?” diverted Abby. “Well you told me to try and cook something for myself.  That was a toaster pastry that I burned.  I was hoping the firefighter would be a guy.  Bygones…So what has you so happy today?”

“She finally called yesterday.”

“I’m going under the assumption that that’s the reason why you were staring at your phone with such intensity.”

“Her name is Carrie.  She lives down in the Cottage District.  Really pretty, red hair, dark brown eyes, tall.”

“So she called you,” egged on Abby.

"Asked me if I wanted to hang out in Gingé."

"Much to my dismay, it was me and her and like five other guys.”

“Competition right off the back,” tsked Abby.  “That doesn’t sound too promising.”

“It doesn’t but I managed to figure out who all these guys were I became less and less worried.  Davis Chalmers is a happily married man with 3 kids.  He and Carrie are best friends and nothing beyond that.  I’m pretty sure he was just there for approval.  Andraias Karowski owns the door and window store.  Alon Ajjanagadde is a police officer and both of them are definitely not interested in women.”

“And the other two?”

“Amar Hsu and Dylan Pullen.  Dylan lives up in Farmer’s District and he looks like his starting to get domesticated around the Kirby family but just in case, stay away from him.  Hsu is even better!  I swear he was making eyes at Andraias the entire evening.  We ended up at some student barbershop."

"Don’t ask me how but I ended up in the seat and got my hair cut."

"I think it turned out ok.  Carrie certainly liked it.”

“Mom and Dad will like it too.  They hated the braids.”

“I asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with me. 
We ended up at MMLXI. 

"It was nice.  We just talked..."

- "See You Again" is by (don't laugh at me) Miley Cyrus
- First time running MMLXI, a restaurant made for me by Monique at N99 (and of Oasis Valley).  Beautiful Place and just as I had asked for (despite one of the buildings I want to join next to it refuses to shrink properly).  I have it owned by another household, the Mraz Family.  I'll probably show it more in that update.
- I am getting sick and tired of looking at AJ's sweater, ugly beyond belief but his make-over is happening little by little.  First the hair by Carrie and then the clothes by Abby.  Got to get Davis Store up and running.
- I am also loving the apartment that AJ and Abby live in.  Downloaded it from N99.  I honestly don't download many lots as I prefer to build them myself but I had to get this one.  Le Cours de Papineau at N99 by StarrSim (of Apple Valley).  I'm still decorating and AJ really does have a ton of tables from shopping at Carrie's shop.
- Just noticed due to Tanja's Comment, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood is the first installment for the Carrie and AJ potential saga, if anyone wanted clarification


  1. I'm certainly not one to laugh with your musicchoice, Miley Cyreus isn't that bad, by the way, there is one song of Paris Hilton that I still like :)

    On to your update now! AJ's new hairstyle looks good, I like it better than the braids, and personally I don't dislike that sweater, but I'm looking forward to the clother Abbie will be picking out for him.
    I'm glad Carrie actually called him and asked him out. He seemed so much happier after that outing.
    I went back to read the previous udate about them :) I can't wait to see what will happen between the two of them.

  2. Tanja, Paris Hilton is step I'd rather not do. Haven't heard anything by it but I don't think I'd trust it either.

    Glad you're liking AJ's new hairstyle. I wanted to change it for awhile but it worked out perfectly since the only in the downtown to visit is the student barber. I think Carrie was trying to tell him something. I was really happy when Carrie called him too. I love the way sims interect when you're not paying attention. Real happy now that I allowed him to answer the phone.

    I didn't realize it until you mentioned it that there was no mention of the previous update with these two and considering how interconnected their lives are now, it should have been mentioned before.

  3. Ahh, I didn't even recognize the apartment in your game. I like what you've done with it. There's a few more at my downloads blog

    I agree with Abby, obsession with surfaces and phones does seem like a mental illness :)

  4. I have already added your site to my download list. I haven't raided yet but I will get on that.

    I just like Abby. She makes a delightful snarky little sister.