Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tell Her About It

Spring 2061

Tell her about it
Tell her all your crazy dreams
Let her know you need her
Let her know how much she means

Narrated by Garrett Kirby-Devlin

I have lived with Jake for the past few years.  It’s kinda different from what I was used to but I kinda like it.

Dad’s a music fiend.  His love of jazz music is extensive and he did try to teach me to love it too but it’s just not my thing.

 I love music and I guess he was paying attention when he saw me staring at a guitar in the antique shop across from the brownstones because soon I found a guitar with my name on it in the house.

 I bet dad wished he hadn’t gotten it for me now. I have seriously improved since I started playing it but I play it constantly.

It’s the first thing I want to do in the morning, as soon as I get home and before I go to bed.  I know I’m gonna be big time musician someday.  Dad says that will only happen when I actually do my homework first.

Dad’s the mayor of Winchester Isle but not for much longer.  His “good friend” Phoenix Macaravich will be taking over duties.  While I do like the mayoral house, the Brownstones in Upper Winchester are much nicer and since our family is expanding by a step-mom and younger sibling, we’re going to need the space.

I went walking through Lower Winchester since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do it as often when we moved.  And there I met the girl of my dreams.  She works at the bank sometimes in the evening.  I made sure I got her phone number so I could call her later.

As I was leaving, dad’s “good friend” was inside the Bank Manager’s office.  I didn’t see a bank manager but I did see I woman that I didn’t know and since I have met Mrs. Macaravich I don’t know why he was kissing her.  All of this seems very fishy.  Suddenly dad’s out of office, Mr. Macaravich is in and he looks like he’s having an affair.  I don’t trust the man.  Something is just off.

Lizette showed me the pictures of her wedding dress.  It doesn't have those strappy things or sleeves.  It's white and long and doesn't have that thing that drags on the floor behind her.  It looks nice, I guess but I wouldn’t really know but she looks like she really likes it and I guess that’s what’s really important.

Dad and I already have our suits so not much work there.  All the better,

I have more time to spend with Brenda

And practice my guitar skills.

- "Tell Her About It" is by Billy Joel
- I had fun playing this household, or more specifically Garrett.  He's actually originally from another family but he got taken away by the Social Worker for not doing homework.  So I had a good friend of his mother adopt him, hence Jake Devlin.  And due to Garrett, Jake met Lizette which started up the entire romance
- Other than Garrett not wanting to do homework, apparently he seems to be one of those prodigy children.  He took to the piano and guitar like a fish to water.  He really does want to play that guitar morning noon and night.  However, what really surprised me was his fish cooking ability
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- And due to my new love of Garrett Kirby-Devlin and his mad guitar skillz and my need to feel creative, I made this little cd cover, potential poster artwork.  Besides, he's just cool even  if he's in pyjamas
- Nearly forgot, while getting some of my sims ready for the François-Devlin Wedding, I saw 2 of my sims apparently shopping for themselves.  I think Carrie James and AJ Davison are running ahead of me.  Carrie was in the shop when Lizette was buying her wedding dress and AJ was staring hard at the jewellery when one of my wedding guests was buying her outfit at another store.

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  1. What a cool story Garrett has! I haven't had any kids taken by the social worker in Sullivan. I have to say, I think that would probably be a quit-without-saving circumstance for me!

    Carrie and AJ are giving you hints! LOL!

  2. I basically sat down at my computer in shock and then decided I liked the Kirby family broken up more than together. I just decided to roll with it and quickly found another house to move Garrett into.

    Definetly taking the hint on AJ and Carrie. Definetly more to come on these two.