Monday, October 25, 2010

Tell Her About It [Part II]

Spring 2061
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Narrated by Garrett Kirby-Devlin
I love Liz dearly but she actually woke me up out of bed this morning, barely able to control her excitement when the photo album for the wedding arrived.  My opinion, I was there, I saw everything, I want to go back to sleep.

The wedding actually took place in a house converted to be a wedding hall in Denarii Reef.  Really sparse in that area.  My dad and Liz are actually good friends with my bio family and they were all in attendance, including Dylan Pullen, Dad's good friend who is my niece/nephew's dad.  Yeah, I'm gonna be an uncle.  My sister Jolanda (Jo) is due any day now.

Ah, there's my sister Del and my mom Carmella.  They are always having the most intense discussions.

My sister Jo.  I swear the only person who spent more time at the DJ booth was the DJ himself.  But she really had a good time.

There's Jo with her 'Baby Daddy' Dylan.

To the left, is my other sister Sybil.  Sybil, Jo and Del are actually triplets.  My brother Coleman, in the white suit and bow tie is actually getting married in the summer to Meadow Buckingham.  She's nice enough I guess but I don't really know her yet.

Liz, mom shrouded by the table arrangement and Jo.

Watching Meadow and Sybil is interesting.  Meadow thinks Sybil is not very sociable.  Sybil thinks Meadow is not too bright and considering Meadow never seems to get it, makes Sybil think she's definitely right.

Del was Liz's maid of honour

Dylan was dad's Best Man

Welcome to the family Liz

- This was really just a picture update, showing off Liz and Jake's wedding.  First one I've blogged and I have another one to with Coleman Kirby and Meadow Buckingham.  It will be at Kirby Farms where Coleman grew up.  The orange trees are showing off their mouthwatering oranges and I can't wait.
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- Garrett's slightly showing off his new tattoo.  It's not sticking though, even though it should be.  Gotta go find the tutorial and double check the code myself.  Still working on his posters.  The cropping takes forever and I really don't have the patience to do it all at one time.  But it will be done! (someday)


  1. The wedding was so gorgeous! Lizette was a stunning bride but everyone else looks so elegant as well.

    Hmmm, from what I can see under his shirt, Garrett's tattoo looks like Luc's and his definitely sticks. Did you download the fixed version? I have links to the originals and the fixed versions in my misc. CC post.

  2. Thank-you Carla. I was happy just about everything turned out the way it should. Now I just have to deal with my little cousin who keeps telling me she likes Lizette's wedding hair and not her red streaked bob.

    I was hoping it was a fluke with the tattoo but when I went back to Garrett's house again, the tattoo was gone. I'm pretty sure I followed your links from the post but just in case, I downloaded it again and compared it by checking the date of modification. Everything is off by exactly one hour. I didn't go back and check for the body hair since it's covered up by his shirt but I hope I find a solution. Did Luc have the tattoo as a teen?

  3. Lol, now I got that song stuck in my head!

    The wedding looks great. Liz looks really beautifull!

    I haven't been following your blog for a long time, but I'm already a huge fan of Garret!!

  4. Tanja, you don't go dancing around the house singing the song do you? I've been known to do that myself.

    Garrett does need to build up his fanbase :D "Fan" away!

  5. No, Luc didn't get his tattoos until he was out of college. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I don't know if I've ever put tattoos on a teen. I haven't done it in Sullivan, I know that.

  6. I'll try it on one of my ya/adults and see if there's a difference. Thanks Carla

  7. So cute that his stepmom woke him because of the wedding album.