Monday, March 7, 2011

Université de Gingé: Shadow of Doubt

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it's holding me
it's got me down
i'm no stranger
stranger to the shadow of doubt

"Sorry I'm late," said Claudio as he took the seat accross from Jaanai.  She looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and mothined for the wait to come over.  When she completed her order, she tured her attention to Claudio.

"I'm pretty sure you cannot fathom why I would call you and ask you to meet me here."
"Without Shan too," said Claudio.
"I'm certain you wouldn't want her to know about this," said Jaanai.  "I've only known the two of you for just a semester and in that time, I assumed all three of us had become very good friends.  I take my friendships very seriously, especially with Shannon.  We bonded very quickly and now you're messing with my head."

Claudio looked at her with what he hoped was a confused look. «How does Brenna do this on a regular basis?»
"What arey ou talking about?" asked Claudio.
"You're really gonna go that route?" asked Jaanai after bitting the inside of her lip.  "I've seen you at the Black and White Diner with the red head wearing the secret society jacket.  Don't try to tell me this is some kind of initiation."
"It only happened once!" exclaimed Claudio with a harsh whisper.  Jaanai looked at him her with eyebrow raised again.  Claudio relented.  "Okay, so we made out a few times."
"I don't want to know who she is, what her name is or what her major is.  All I care about is what this will do to Shannon.  She doesn't need this."
"I know!  The baby and the moving to a campus family house."  Claudio held his head in his hands.  "I still want to be with Shannon."
"You need to tell her."  Claudio shook his head violently.
"Are you crazy?  I finally completed ended everything with Brittany-"
"I don't want to know anything more that could make me even remotely look like an accomplice," said Jaanai.
"I love Shannon.  I made a mistake and now I'm trying to work past it."  Jaanai gave him a stern look.
"This is the one time I keep my mouth shut.  Get your act together."  Claudio had the decency to look ashamed and thankful at the same time.

Jaanai: 4.0 Political Science
Shannon: 2.6 Mathematics
Claudio: 3.6 Biology

- "Shadow of Doubt" is by Robin Thicke
- Problems galore stemmed from when I originally played this household.  It was going great!  I had a surprise pregnancy.  Jaanai wrote a novel.  Everyone was doing well in school and then my computer decides to spontaneously reboot...I seriously didn't want to bother to replay everything so I cheated everything back and skipped out on Jaanai's novel (no one really liked it anyways).  That then cut out just about everything else that I had done.
- I finally fixed Claudio's "accepting the flirting, kissing and woohooing with every female" issue.  He now kindly rebuff's Brittany's advances but she is persistant.  I also think he's just too attractive to all of my YA sims.  When I used to take him out to a community lot, if I didn't pay enough attention to him, he would have a line up of girls who wanted to kiss, caress his face etc.  Now that he rebuffs, there's a line up of girls still trying. This would be perfect if he was a romance sim.

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