Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter 2062: The Growing Up Post

Welcome to the official beginning of the 2062.  The year starts in the Winter and with all the changes and transitions.

Shannon Li and Claudio Sterns have just found out she's expecting her first child.  They haven't informed anyone in the family as of yet, especially considering Shannon's about the become a big sister again.  Baby Li-Sterns is Due in the Fall of 2062.

Colin and Delia Bakarat are now in their second trimester.  Baby Bakarat will be making their appearence in the Summer of 2062.

Coleman and Meadow Kirby seem to be very much enjoying pregnancy and can't wait for little Baby Kirby to join them out in the real world in the Spring of 2062. 

Michael and Margaret Li never expected they'd be still having children at this point in their life but they are expecting baby number 3 in the Spring of 2062.

Darren Adam Zappa was born to Moon and Christina Zappa at the Winchester Family Farm.  Darren has his parents red hair (really, Moon and Christina have had nothing but red heads) and his father's pale blue eyes.
Eric Dustin Macaravich was born to Phoenix and Tessa Macaravich at the Mayor's town residence in Lower Winchester.  Eric has his father's brown hair and his mother's greenish eyes.

Doratéa Estefania Bruty-Hernandez has finally become a toddler.  And based on my keen and observant eyes (re: aged her up and eliminated the differences), she's a female version of her father in eyes, nose, mouth, eye colour etc. which is okay by me since Paloma is a clone of her mother as it is.

The Ross Quads have finally grown up into a very good looking bunch.
Morris Ross has decided that Pleasure and Knowledge are the paths for him to follow.  He has a dream of becoming a Professional Party Guest and has a deep love of science.

Golden Ross has decided that Popularity and Knowledge are the way to go.  She has decided that being a Cult Leader will be interesting and has a great love of fashion.

Persia Ross is all about Fortune and Pleasure.  She has a dream of one day becoming a Hall of Famer and she loves to Cook. 

Shemar Ross loves to Romance the ladies and the Fortune that he could potentially make.  He dreams of WooHooing 20 Sims (his parents are not happy with this life goal) and he really loves being out in nature.

- Can I just say how much I love Shemar's look?  I actually downloaded quite a few hairs just so I can keep him in his dreads for as long as possible.  Morris is just adorable in his glasses.  I already can't imagine him without them.  I'm gonna have to go on a hunt to find some more thick rimmed glasses for him to transition with.
- For some strange and absurd reason, the Ross Quads didn't have a Hobby assigned to them and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why.  I went through my Rufio file and gave them hobbies according to their highest interests.
- Has anyone noticed the different eyebrows that will be on the babies?  Both of the births that I had for this round were all born with different eyebrows plus the other babies that have yet to transition to toddlerhood.  I actually find it very interesting until a baby transitions to toddlerhood with the thick eyebrows and a thick browline.


  1. I love how the quads all look so different yet you can tell they are still siblings. I found some glasses over at MTS, I think they were named Buddy Holly, can't remember who created them though.

    I've had the eyebrow thing happen to me as well. With two or three babies, turned out it was the skin that they were born with. The creators painted on eyebrows and babies are born with Maxis brows. So once they aged into toddlers I removed the Maxis, and now they are wearing the brows with the skintone. Maybe that's what happened with you.

  2. Riverdale, Morris is wearing the Buddy Holly glasses already. The creator made other glasses too that I liked, only to realize that they are for TS3 only.

    The eyebrows are not painted on. None of my skins have painted on eyebrows. I went through that in previous incarnations of my game and I hated it then and I still hate it now. The eyebrows on the babies are maxis generated. I just never realized that babies would get different ones since everything else for babies is exactly the same (with the exception of skintone, hair colour and eye colour).