Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ROS 2062

First time out on ROS.  Seems entertaining enough
  • You're brilliant! Get perma-smart milked (I always thought in my head the sim that rolled this would be a genius regardless)
  • Car accident!  Loose 5 Body points and 2 Active points.  Call in sick for 2 days and go to Physio (sad, but not really a challenge for this sim)
  • Make 2 new friends (well this sim never seems to be willing to make friends in the first place so this should be interesting)
  • Party! (perfect for the household who rolled it.  I already have ideas floating around in my head)
  • Green Thumb! start a vegetable garden (the time management for this alone, considering who rolled it...let's just say they've got quite a bit on their plate)

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