Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Make It Mine

and timing's everything
and this time there's plenty
i am balancing
careful and steady
and reveling in energy that everyone's emmiting

POV: Connor
It's an interesting adjustment moving to a new town, meeting new people and having Shannon, my big sister, go off to University.

She still comes to visit every once in a while.  It's better than a phone call but still, I kinda miss her.

The new neighbours seem decent enough and the old man, Benjamin Winchester, says he has two grandsons, named Daniel and Dingo, about my age.

I'm still working on getting to know more people.  I even invited a classmate to my house.  Her name is Jessica McCarthy.  We still have to work on the boundary issues like coming into the bathroom while I'm actually using it is not really a good idea.

- "Make It Mine" is by Jason Mraz
- I was struggling for this update.  As of yet, the family doesn't really do anything and I'm really hoping they'll be more interesting next time I get around to playing them.  So I went to take extra pictures, some cute ones with Connor interacting with his parents and the new family shot.  I come out of game only to see black squares...hate it when that happens.  I still don't know what causes it so I don't know how to fix it.
- On an upswing, despite the fact that no pictures were taken of any of the other family memebers, namely Shannon and Connor's parents, one thing was definetly done, and now Shannon and Connor will soon be having a younger sibling.  Anyone know how to get that birth control thing working?  Meh, I guess this pregnancy can bring some more excitement to this household.
- I kinda like Connor's little washroom stalker.  Cute little thing who'll probably age up with him when the time comes.  Sidenote: Jessica is of no relation to the rest of the McCarthy's.


  1. I have a few families that aren't really all that exciting to play, but I guess they can't all be huh? But everyone gets their turn at some drama so I'm sure it will get better as you play them more often.

  2. I think we all have a few of those families, the ones you don't like to play 'cause nothing ever really happenes. *sigh*

    The pic issue, I have no idea. It happens to me once in a while too. I had two black pics for one of my play sessions, good thing I ended up taking a ton of pics, now I can't even remember what those two where.

    Which birt control are you using? I use InTeen's, I don't know how to use ACR, but I'm guessing you just click on the romance adjuster then the birth control option and click it.

    To use InTeen just click on the sim until you get the InTeen bubble, click it, the clock will pop up on the floor, click it, then click, start birth control, then place the clock back in your inventory.

  3. Mizzgin, first time I had a family that wasn't interesting, I just didn't do anything with them and made them NPC Playables. As I went back to take the family shot that I didn't have, they actually seemed a lot more interesting than they did before, also SimMom from N99 with her copy of the family made them seem a lot more interesting too.

    Riverdale, I wish I knew what caused the issue. I've only had this problem with Gadwin but I don't want to change the program because it generally works perfectly fine. I just wish I knew what makes it go off and on in the first place.

    I have InTeen in game. I haven't actively used it for this neighbourhood. And I don't think I've noticed a birth control option on ACR unless it's the odds of "Try for Baby". I'll try out the InTeen method. I really don't want my 50-year old sims having babies like they're 20. Thanks for the advice!