Monday, February 14, 2011

Couples Valentine's Special

No this is not an entry about chemistry between my couples, since majority of the time, I forgot to look up that information anyways.  This is just a simple update for Valentine's Day of a few of my favorite couples from Winchester Isle.

Kana and Davis Chalmers.  I loved this family so much that I re-read how to package a family and move them to a different neighbourhood as many times as I could just so I could move them to Winchester Isle safely.  They met when Kana (Groves at the time) decided to try and steal from the Chalmers family.  Davis saw her and was immediately smitten.  They've been married roughly 13 years and have 3 children together (Rachael, Byron and Diana).

I kept this family going in the original neighbourhood they were in, in which surprisingly, they had 3 children as well: Rachael and Byron from before the move and another little girl who is a clone of big sister Rachael.  I had named her Athena.  They lived to the ripe old age of elder hood.  It's unknown how many grandchildren they would have had since it was an oversized Legacy house and I only needed 1 heir, so that was a bye-bye to Byron and Athena,

And an a sort of related note, that Legacy family in the original neighbourhood is about to have their 7th generation.

Pedro and MeShell Hernandez. Another transplanted family, sort of.  These two were one of my favorite couples from another neighbourhood of mine called Truth (lost 2 computers ago).  Pedro was the oldest of 6 children, 1 younger sister named Miguela and 4 younger brothers named...Miguel, Jose, Luis and Antonio, I believe.  I wish I had been able to save the entire family, especially Miguela.  MeShell was an only child to her parents who loved her dearly.  Pedro and MeShell met when she visited his frat house Roschlel at Truth University, challeneged him to a game of pool and won.  Their little love affair lasted for until Pedro graduated from University and MeShell was a pregnant teenager.  The two still firmly stayed together and moved into the house that Pedro's family purchased for them.  They had Pilar, Paloma (who only improved in their remake for Winchester Isle: original toddler appearance of Pilar and  Paloma) and Doratéa  Pedro and MeShell have been maried for about 4 years.

Lizette and Jake Devlin.  One of the power couples of Winchester Isle.  These are original Winchestites, meaning CAS made.  They haven't been married a year yet but met randomly when Garrett, Jake's son needed a hair cut and they both stumbled into Lizette's hair salon in Upper Winchester.  Lizette and Jake were in constant conversation and one thing led to another and despite their 20 year age difference, they were soon married with a child on their way.  They have 1 daughter together named Dominique.

Deidre and Carlton. Best friends since forever and finally decided to start dating and quickly getting married.  I do need to come up with more of a back story for these two but I do love them and they are adorable.  They have two children together, Dakota and Darwin.  They have been married for 3 years.

Coleman and Meadow Kirby.  These 2 have been married for 3 months and are already expecting their first child together.  Coleman is the oldest of 5 children, with 3 younger sisters and a younger brother.  Coleman and Meadow met on a blind date set up by some gypsy and hit it off immediately.  Since farming is not in the card for either of these two, Coleman has decided to become a Newspaper man.  He's still not there (or even in the field) but it gives him something to aspire to, right?  The family farm for now is being managed by 2 of his sisters, and maybe one of Coleman's children will want to take up the family farm.

And finally, the couple who love to snark and fight, AJ Davison and Carrie James.  They are not yet married or even engaged but they have given strong hints that they want to   I've found Carrie looking at wedding dresses and AJ looking at jewellery while out controlling other sims.  I'm just waiting for the engagement wants to roll around (I think I saw it towards the end of my last play session for one of the two of them).  On an slight update, AJ's clothing has finally been changed. His little sister Abigail is quite happy about it, as is Carrie.

Note: I don't know what had gone wrong with the formatting but apparently it took me about 48 hours to even notice a good chunk of dialogue moved down to the bottom for no reason and some how what was there before got linked to I don't even know what.  Anyways, problems fixed, I hope, so everything should be easier to read.