Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summary: Fall 2060 - Fall 2061

I have finally done it!  I have successfully blogged a round of my sims neighbourhood.  I have enjoyed it more than I thought I would and doing things this way has really changed the pace of my playing and made me re-evaluate how I see my sims.  And also, all the wonderful comments have made me feel like other people want to see what's happening in my sims crazy little world.  So, Thank-you to everyone who reads about Winchester Isle.

And now, onto the summary...
Births |5|
Diana Laurel Chalmers
Doratéa Estefania Bruty-Hernandez
Daphne Ruth Pullen
Dominique Rose Devlin
Darwin Aaron Mraz
Deaths |1|
Bethany McCarthy
Marriages |3|
Jake and Lizette Devlin
Coleman and Meadow Kirby
Colin and Delia Bakarat

82 Total | Male 39 - Female 47 |

6 Elders
42 Adults
6 Young Adults
4 Teens
16 Children
4 Toddlers
4 Babies


  1. Getting through a round always feels good, so congrats! You have quite a few sims in Winchester Isle!

  2. Yes, when you finish a round you feel so proud! When I actually do it in a short (well, short time for me) I want to jump up and down with joy! So, WTG! Look forward to your new round and the drama that your sims will get into.

  3. Thank-you Mizzign03 and Riverdale! It's a good feeling of accomplishment, not on the playing side but on the blogging side.

    Riverdale, it actually took me longer than I had originally scheduled out...yeah, the nerd in me actually wrote up when everything was supposed to be posted, I was supposed to have 2 posts a week and then real life started and I couldn't play as much as I wanted to. But I do kinda liking this pacing of 1 family a week with a little 2 or 3 week rest between rounds. I'm looking forward to finding the drama going on and the actual neighbourhood building in Winchester Isle for the year of 2062., that reply was longer than expected too...