Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ingredients of Love

Fall 2061

how do we make love
and what's it truly made of

POV: Delia Bakarat
Patience is one of those things that we (Colin and I) have realized we don't have.  We didn't wait to have a big fancy wedding.  Heck, we barely invited family, just my parents were there at the little chapel in Lower Winchester.  We immediately headed out on our honeymoon to Eden.

We checked in without much fuss.  It was a heady experience signing Mrs. Delia Bakarat.  It'll still take some getting used to.

We made good use of our room.

And the other facilities the hotel provided.  I still really need to go buy an appropriate swimsuit.  I don't know why the one piece unitard seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase.

However, when it began to snow, in a tropical area no doubt, I felt much more comfortable with my swimsuit.

We did find some time to go gift shopping for the family back home and buying me a proper swimsuit.  Along with a new dress and a pair of shoes.

I was happy to be back home.  Colin even carried me over the threshhold...of my parents' house until we moved to our new apartment building.

It's a nice little 2-bedroom apartment, not too far from where my parents live.

Just enough space for the two of us, plus the new little Bakarat due in the Summer of 2062


- Ingredients of Love is by Angie Stone and Musiq Soulchild
- I don't know where Delia got this kind of behaviour.  I always associated it with the Diva or Mr. Big and since she's a born in game sim with her parents either being born in game or a created teen townie.  Anyone know why a sim would start doing this?

- This apartment that Delia and Colin have moved into, is by Laura from Lakeside Heights.  I'm not sure where I had downloaded it from though, probably either at her blog or from N99, but I can't find it at either one right now.  I love it!  All I have to do is find a more appropriate place in my neighbourhood to put it to make me happy.


  1. It has to do with either traits or aspiration that makes them primp like that. I've had a few sims do that too. I lol'd @ her wet suit :), can't wait to see their baby!

  2. Really? She's a Fortune/Family Sim who's has a high neat and outgoing...As for the wet suit, I admit I never checked for that stuff when she aged up. She now has more appropriate clothing :D I can't wait to see the baby either. I want to know what genes will get passed down.

  3. One of my sims does that self check out all the time. But I can't tell you which trait makes him do the action. I think he has high charisma. But I'll have to check.

  4. It's either neat or mean Sims that do that mirror thing. I'm thinking it's probably a mean thing, because my Emil does it all the time (mean and neat) but Finn never does (nice and neat).

    Looking forward to seeing the baby!

  5. I'm gonna have to start paying attention to the rest of my sims to see what causes that. Her charisma is only a 3 and Delia is a nice and that cuts out the meaness being a cause. I feel the need to do some research.

  6. I've never seem them do that at the table, one of my sims did that while his wife was birthing her baby! I thought that was pretty low.

    Glad she got an appropriate swimsuit, the wetsuit was funny. That is one clothing item I rarely check for, usually have to go into buymode and purchase something real fast.

    They looked like they had a nice time, I can't believe they got snow at a tropical location though, that's crazy!

  7. Talk about vanity! While his wife was giving birth? I want to see that happen. As for the snow in the Tropics, I didn't check the season changer thing, it may be incorrectly set but I'll set it to probably to a spring summer mix next time I go in game.