Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Full Moon

Fall 2061

Is this the first time that I'm seeing you around?
Could you be visiting or are you new in town?
And whatever the case
I'm feeling you right here and right now
Your smile and all the love you show
It lets me know that you like what you see and wanna get to know me too
And this could very well be the start of something special
I'm happy that I met you

POV: Andraias Karowski

Andraias walked up the stairs, ignoring the recently decorated walls on his way to his room.  As he turned the corner at the top of the stairs, to head towards his bedroom, he noticed his door was open.  A small smile emerged on his face.  Andraias opened the door slowly to see Otis, his little black cat sitting on his bed, waking from his cat nap at the sound of the intrusion.

"Hey Otis," said Andraias quietly.  Otis mewled and crossed the bed into Andraias' open arms.  He nuzzled closer to Andraias.  "I know you missed me but after working at the shop, I actually had a date tonight." 

Andraias stroaked Otis' fur a little bit longer before putting Otis on the floor. 

Andraias walked tiredly to his dresser and changed into a white tank top and a pair of red plaid pyjama pants.

Otis stared at the new picture that was added to the coffee table as Andraias continued to talk.

"Tonight, was our first real date Otis," said Andraias.  "While it was fun to go out dancing at the Green Flamingo with Tony, it was so much easier to get to know each other better at dinner tonight. 

"We went to the Black and White Diner on Main St.  Tony and I got an outdoor booth and we even got Ramin the Waiter, hilarious guy!  He kept us entertained with gossip of the going ons of the photobooth.  Don't give me that look Otis!  I'm pretty sure he remembers me from my photobooth incident and kindly decided not to bring it up.  It just makes life so much easier when the photobooth is used for what it's intentioned for, taking pictures. 

"Tony and I did take that picture tonight.  It was nice being able to go walking hand in hand down the street with someone I could potentially love and could potentially take a permanant place in my life.  Don't worry Otis, you'll always be there too."

- Full Moon is by Brandy
- I was so excited for Andraias when I actually took him out on the town.  It took a few "scope rooms" (quite a few) before he found Tony, but they seem to be hitting it off well.  Only problem is Tony's taste in clothing.  The white outfit wasn't bad but it was from the Paranormal career track which apparently he's on.  It's the chaps that look ridiculous and I couldn't find a way to change them before I took them out again.  Any suggestions as to how to change the clothes without making a sim playable?  Although now that I think about it, Davis Chalmers might be able to help at his store.
- I love Otis the cat.  Andraias was one of the loneliest sims in my game and he wanted a pet so he got Otis.  I am not a big pets fan, I never have been but I am just loving Otis.  He walks around the house like he owns it.  He's taken over ownership of the other half of Andraias bed and making a secondary sleeping area on the counter in the kitchen.  Andraias loves cuddling Otis and Otis will allow it.


  1. Otis the cat is adorable! I wouldn't say he's a little kitty though! I'm glad things went well for Andrais on his date.

    For the outfits, you can use the store like you said, and the clothing rack... and I completely just blanked on the name... man, I hate that! But you can use the store.

  2. I know what you mean Maisie. I'm gonna enjoy running that store and giving makeovers.