Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Change Your World

Summer 2061

i never knew
about real love
it changes your whole
turns your world upside down

Narrated by Jolanda Kirby

It's been a rough few months.  I am currently nine months pregnant, living on a farm, helping to plan my brother's wedding and my ankles are swollen.

And the farm still has to be run by Sybil and I.  Mom is absolutely useless and planting, watering, tending and and harvesting anything from a live plant.  She doesn't even cook!

Did I mention, I went for a walk and got chased by bees?

And what did my big brother Coleman do?  He stood there and watched...doing absolutely nothing.  No wait, he laughed and then asked how the venue was.

Sybil and I made sure the orange trees would be ready for his wedding the next week.  We set up the lights and the arch.

Turned out really nice if I say so myself.

It's also been somewhat tough emotionally.  Let me first state, this pregnancy was definitely not planned.  My neighbour, Dylan Pullen had a brief...but passionate affair that resulted in an unexpected pregnancy.  I have tried to convince myself that since he seems to be in an "open" relationship that he is not a man that I need in my life, although I do expect him to being a father to our child.

He still...does things to me.  It was like a walk by kiss.  He walked by, I saw him, I felt the flutters, he smiled, he laid one on me and feint from the whole event.  Maybe I need to invest in some smelling salt.  Those always worked well in the romance novels.

Our daughter, Daphne Ruth Pullen was born just before the wedding.  Ruth was the name of Dylan's mother.  He never talks about her much but I thought he would at the very least appreciate the gesture.

She's absolutely adorable and of course, like all females took an immediate liking to her father when he came for the wedding.

- "Change Your World" is by Anthony Hamilton (again...)
- I will admit to cheating with Jolanda's pregnancy, mostly because I wanted Dylan to have some kind of a child for all his philandering ways, and despite changing Jo's fertility to like 50% and having them try a whole night (there was no sleep for this couple), still nothing.  
- I was hoping Daphne would end up with something other than black hair.  Both Dylan and Jo are CAS bred.  Both of Dylan's CAS parents were blonde.  Jo's mother Carmella, obviously has black hair but CAS father was a red head and darn-it the genetics didn't turn out the way I wanted it to.  Oh well...


  1. Looking forward to seeing the wedding!

    Nah, poor Daphne never had a chance to have anything but black hair, with a CAS black-haired parent. But Dylan would have given her a blonde gene, so her kids might have blonde hair, if she pairs up with someone else with a blonde gene.

  2. Well I got quite a few sim years to wait for that to happen. Sigh!

    The wedding will be coming up soon. I think it was one of the prettiest of I've ever done. The one I did afterwards for a different couple ended up just being a justice of the peace wedding because I couldn't think of anything to one up this one off the top of my head (and they didn't have the money for it either)

  3. Looking forward to the wedding, too... it looks beautiful, the way you have set it up.

    Genetics confuse me in TS2... I've tried working it out sometimes, but now I just give up and wait and see what happens :)

  4. Thank-you!

    LOL, so true Blackcat about the genetics. I sometimes try to see what the kids would look like in CAS but it never seems to be the same in game. It's still fun to guess-timate