Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Water Runs Dry

Summer 2061

Don't even say I love you no more
'cause saying how we feel is no longer allowed
Some people will work things out
And some just don’t know how to change

POV of Alon Ajjanagadde

Alon stared at his 3rd or was it 4th bottle of beer.  He couldn't even keep track of them anymore.  He knew he had more than his usual limit for the week much less the day.  He didn't even know why he was doing this to himself but it was just too depressing to be at home without the alcohol in his system.  He knew Andrew was worried about his new found drinking habit but since Andrew never bothered to actually ask about it, Alon wasn't going to volunteer the information.

Winchester Isle was a pretty small community where just about everyone knew everybody and everything.  Alon wished Andrew would just tell him what happened so they could have their fight and see where the relationship lay afterwards.  It was the waiting Alon couldn't stand.  Waiting to see if Andrew trusted him enough to tell what he did, who he did it wth and where it was done.  Alon already had that information; had an affair with Andraias Karowski in the photobooth in the Black and White Diner.  He just wanted to be told by his own boyfriend.

«Maybe I was wrong in thinking the title and the fact we live together would give me that privilege»  Alon went back to the bar in the kitchen and fixed himself a Scotch.  He was really liking the idea of the bar in the kitchen.  It just made drunken stupors so much more convenient in the comfort of your own home.  If you ended up being so drunk that you couldn't walk, then you couldn't make another drink and you'd already be safe and sound at home, probably passed out on the floor, but variably safe and sound.

Alon looked up as he heard the front door open and Andrew walking in.

Andrew glared at the glass in Alon's hand.  Alon looked back at Andrew with an arched brow as if to say "You gonna stop me?" and raised the glass to his lips.

Andrew went straight for the bedroom and shut the door.

"What, so I don't even get a 'Honey I'm home' anymore?" muttered Alon looking at the pictures hanging by the dinning room table.  "'How was my day? Tiring.  Crime seems to be on the up in Lower Winchester.  Think I might be doing some overtime next week.' Not like you'd care anyways."

- "Water Runs Dry" is by Boys II Men
- I don't know what it is with this story, but this may be one of my favorite pieces of writing, about on par with Carrie's first update, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood.
- Yup, Andrew has not been a good boy.  As I've come to realize, the photobooth at the Black and White Diner is a device that breaks up relationships (and scores additional points for Romance sims).  I can't remember which sim I had taken to the diner for a date.  Everyone gathered around the photobooth cheering and out pops Andraias Karowski.  I'm thinking great!  He finally found a guy by himself.  I wonder who it is.  And then my jaw dropped in shock when Andrew came walking out behind him.  In the dining booth right across from the photobooth, one of Alon's best friends, Jaci Connors...come to think of it, it may have been her and her date I had taken there.  Anyways, Jaci witnessed the whole thing.  As a good best friend, I expect she told her best friend what she saw, especially since I went to Andrew and Alon's apartment and Jaci called almost immediately with Alon getting to the phone first.
- Alon really does seem to have an obsession with the bar.  I don't remember if it was he or Andrew who had the want for a bar.  Alon seems to be the one who's constantly at it.  Andrew seems to be more of a fan of the fruity drink mixed stuff.  Alon seems to go for the hard liquor.  Interesting traits in my opinion.


  1. Alon and Andrew have some talking to do. I hope one of them cracks, but it seems like Andrew doesn't even care anymore.

    Sorry, been trying to comment for a while, but there's a twitter sign-in that keeps popping up. I wonder why, your blog isn't the first one that has done that to me.

  2. I have no idea what to do about the twitter pop up but maybe I should google the situation and see if there's some kind of solution.

    Don't let Andrew fool you. He does care and he talks with people, just not Alon, wherein lies the problem.